TL;DR:  Social media trends in 2023 that influencers and creators should care about to grow are authenticity, audio content, community, short content in tall format, and regional content.

7 seconds.

That’s all it takes to make a first impression. We don’t say so. Researchers from Princeton do. 

For creators and influencers, those 7 seconds are ‘make or break.’ You can either capture the attention of your community or watch them go.

That means your social media content has to be up to snuff and the only way to do that is to follow the footsteps of social media marketing trends.

Do Your Thng, But Do It With Social Media Trends In 2023

From new platforms to a laser focus on authentic content, #thngs are about to feel real (even in the virtual world) as people push for authenticity, community, and immersive experiences. We predict and break down 7 of the top social media trends that will be big news for creators and influencers in 2023 !

1. Be Real (and yes, that’s a pun on the new social)

BeReal is and will continue to change the game for social media trends in 2023. The photo-sharing app will force creators and people to go back to an era when content was not polished or curated. Rather it was:

  • True-to-life 
  • Very much in-the-moment
  • Full of filter-free photo dumps

How do we know authentic content is going to be the thng in next year? Because Instagram is testing “Candid”, a feature that prompts users to take a photo at random times within two minutes. And when IG begins to copy, you know it’s going to be big. That’s how Stories and Reels began.

2. Social audio turns up the volume

In 2022, video content was a top social media trend. In 2023, social audio will boom, and we include podcasts and live streams on various social media platforms here. What’s making audio content all the rage? Well, its:

  • Consumption on the go 
  • Ideal for a shorter attention span
  • Perfect when the circumstances or time don’t allow people to look at screens

It’s the reason behind Twitter Spaces, Facebook’s Soundbites and Spotify almost being a social media platform.

3. Short-form videos are here to stay

Is it an exaggeration to say that a goldfish is more focused than us? Of course not! That’s why influencers and creators have mastered the art of Reels and Shorts and making every second of it count. 

Video was making waves as 2021 began. By 2022 end, 90.9% of creators had already adopted short-form video, says an INCA and e4M report. Any laggers will definitely embrace the format in 2023 because it’s here to stay. 

4. Content will go full-screen and vertical

We may love short content, but we like to watch it in tall sizes. Talk about छोटा पैकेट बड़ा धमाका. Is it any wonder that the 9:16 format is an emerging social media trend for 2023?

Facebook says vertical videos have a 90% higher completion rate than horizontal ones. YouTube is working on converting ads into a vertical format. Instagram is experimenting with “ultra-tall” photographs, similar to its full-screen Reels display.

5. Content that supports causes will rage

People are getting more aware of the effect their buying habits have on the environment and society. So, they are taking care over what they choose to buy and the brands they choose to associate with.

For that reason, they want influencers to make more informed content. So, a social media trend we expect to sweep 2023 is creators using their voice and platform to be a force for good.

6. Communities will matter

Up until now followers have been happy connecting with creators online. A social media trend that’ll grow in 2023 will be converting followers into true community members.

How? By taking digital relationships to real life. A third of Gen Zers say they want to have in-person experiences with their favourite influencers. So, we highly anticipate creators and their fans building stronger bonds and knitting communities.

7. Regional will be the new cool

A true influencer knows you’ve gotta meet audiences on their turf. That means telling your stories on multiple platforms in multiple formats. Now, it also means speaking their language. 

That’s how MrBeast charted the top creator lists in Brazil and France. That’s why Hindi-speaking creators like Bhuvan Bam and Carryminati or Tamil-speaking creators like Naveen Polishetty have become Instagram royalty. And it is why regional content is one of the social media marketing trends coming your way in 2023!

2023 will be the year of social media creators

Instagram predicts nearly two-thirds of Gen Z will use social media to make money in 2023. Side hustles will be a #thng, with more people turning to their passion to earn.

So, if you’ve been thinking of jumping into the creator economy or just using social media to express yourself, now is the time!

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