Songs can evoke a range of emotions. Some songs can bring you joy, while others can make you sad or afraid. Music is therapeutic, and therapists are music influencers and creators.

So, if you love music and want to discover the top music influencers on Instagram in India, you’ve landed in the right place!

Music influencers who stand out with versatility, rhymes, and art

Social media is all about connecting with people and communities. And what is a more fantastic way to connect with your audience than through music? 

This is why there is now a multitude of Indian music influencers on Instagram, ranging from emerging DJs to established rappers and singers. So, if you’re looking for inspiration or just some good music, here are some budding music creators to follow on Instagram.

1. Samarth Swarup


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The Jaipur-based singer has over 52,000 Instagram followers. You’ve most likely heard one of his mash-up covers on your feed. He not only has a beautiful voice but is a multi-instrumentalist who can create a song cover on his own in his studio.

His videos are delightful to hear and entertaining to watch. The music influencer and singer loves revamping old songs by mixing Hindi songs with popular English songs to give them a completely new feel.


2. Anika Ved


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Our next music influencer is Anika Veidyatri. Singing flawlessly while strumming on her ukulele is Anika’s talent. Her cover of the song Tere bin by Rabbi Shergill went viral, shooting her to fame. Since then, this talented singer has graced the stages of multiple events across India, covering everything from old Bollywood songs to the newest hits. 

She’s not just a music influencer; she also creates content around fashion and makeup. She has over 91.4K loyal followers who listen to her jam on all their favourite songs.




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Raaj Jones, who goes by India ka sabse filmy launda is a former radio jockey, a YouTuber, and a music composer. His goal is to inspire people through music. We count him as a music influencer on Instagram because of his interviews with artists like Rashmeet Kaur, Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Badshah. 

For his over 56K followers on Instagram, he talks about the struggle artists face helping inspire other budding singers and musicians. He not only hosts multiple music events but also performs at them.


4. Fiza Sharma


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This music influencer from Punjab is another one of India’s most promising singers. Fiza Sharma uses the platform to achieve her dream of creating her own music. With a broad vocal range, the dynamic performer is not far off and has even shifted to Mumbai to pursue her music career.

A total Swiftie, she covers Taylor’s songs while strumming the guitar and singing in a beautiful voice. If English music is not your thng, this music creator on Instagram also sings in Hindi and Punjabi. ‘Main Ban Jaunga Tera’ sung by JalRaj (Jalaj) & Fiza Sharma, garnered over 859K views on YouTube.


5. Sheetal Rawat


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A pahadi girl from Uttrakhand, Sheetal Rawat has a stunning voice. She is the quintessential example of a budding music influencer because she continued to create content while pursuing her MPhil at the University of Delhi.

She covers traditional songs from Uttarakhand as well as Bollywood songs, as a testament to her versatility. Head on over to her Instagram to see her flaunting pahadi attire!


6. Ravator


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Ravator, aka Harsh Singh, is a young DJ, composer, and record producer. The music influencer and artist from Delhi tours all around India, performing at various events and gigs. He sings, composes music, and also produces his own music, proving his abilities. 

His online following has helped him become an ambassador for 7Sea Esports, an Esports organisation in India, with over 56k followers on Instagram.


7. Theycallmecalm


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It would be unfair if we didn’t include Calm, aka Siddhant Sharma, one of the two rappers from the rapper duo Seedhe Maut, in our list of the top music influencers on Instagram. The hip-hop duo, located in Delhi, India, previously rapped in English but shifted to Hindi when they rose to fame. 

On the rapper’s Instagram, which has over 61K followers, you can catch a glimpse into his personal life and also the music that he creates. What we love about this artist is that he also produces beats for other rappers!


8. Shanay


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Shanay Shah, who was born and raised in Mumbai, began his musical journey after being laid off from a start-up. This music influencer makes the cut for us because he went from performing at bars and pubs to international destinations on four continents. 

Consider him the perfect example of turning your #thng, your passion, into a pay cheque. A multilingual singer, he is a master at ukulele and acoustic guitar. The budding creator was the runner-up in Season 9 of Radio City’s Super Singer and recently opened for Farhan Akhtar and his band at the Celebrate Bandra Fest!


9. Harris


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Harris is an Indian film music composer with over 33k followers on Instagram. This music influencer rose to fame with the hit album for the Tamil film Bheema. The legend in the Tamil music industry often uses his platform to post about his music composition journey!


10. J Trix 


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J Trix is an independent rapper from Kolkata, India, with a somewhat wide range of listeners. The very dynamic music influencer is renowned for his distinct flow and exceptional lyricism. 

With sounds inspired by Indian culture, classical instruments, and vocal chops, J Trix has mastered his signature sound. Also, the co-founder of KCity Studios, the music creator, uses social media not just for new song releases and shows but also for updates on his life. YouTube

Did we miss your favourite music influencers on Instagram? Drop their handles in the comments, and we’ll include them in our list. And in case you’re looking for trending music on Instagram for those reels, swing by here.

Until we see you again, keep doing your thng!