Christmas is in the air, and while we love sipping good mulled wine next to a decked Christmas tree, we love gifts more. It’s the thng we look forward to every year. Why? Cause Secret Santa is fun. But brainstorming Christmas gift ideas is not!

Yes, a holiday card stuffed with cash works, but it’s not thoughtful. So, like always, we decided to whip up a batch of last-minute holiday gift ideas that are so thoughtful, they’ll think you’ve had them waiting under the tree for weeks. 

10 mind blowing Christmas gift ideas more refreshing than socks!

For all the busy bees out there, here are some Christmas gift ideas for 2022 that will not fail to bring a smile to our loved ones. 

Christmas gift ideas for friends

1. Christmas cookies and treats

We’re Indian, so mithai is a given. Right? Even if it is Christmas. Really, the holiday season is incomplete without the different flavours of sweetness added by “mithai”. A pretty box of sweet goodness filled with cookies is the perfect Christmas gift for friends and will never fail to bring happiness to a person, irrespective of their age!

christmas gifting ideas 2    

Credit: Tasha’s Artisan Food

2. Floral arrangement 

For friends who fall more under the “casual acquaintance” category than “real buddies,” floral art is a good Christmas gift idea. It’s pretty. It’s useful, and you don’t have to worry if the person will like the gift or not. A classic wreath to hang on the door or maybe a centre table piece is a nice idea. 

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Picture: Maeve Artisanal Living

3. Dry fruits

Another great Christmas gift idea for 2022 is dry fruits. Yes, people think of it during Diwali or Eid, but they are also popular during the end-of-the-year holidays. Think dried plums, cranberries, raisins, apricots, and nuts like cashews and almonds. Pair it with a good wine so the friend can use it to soak the dried fruits for a delicious cake. 

4. Plants

Surprise the plant lovers in your life with a new plant this holiday season. Not only will they get a new green friend, but the plants will also remind them of you! Our advice? Pot them in beautiful planters to make for the most amazing holiday gift ideas.

Christmas gift ideas for him

It’s easy to give gifts to men. All you have to do is find a gadget they don’t have. From Swiss knives to Bluetooth headphones, there are a gazillion ideas for Christmas gifts for him. But we didn’t want to share the tried and true. So, here are two unique holiday gift ideas for men. 

1. DIY items

The gifts that are in style nowadays are DIY items. The most precious gift you can give someone is your time and effort. Get creative and make something fun or funny to liven up the Christmas mood! And if you want ideas, this article has a handful!

2. Gift cards

We know gift cards have no personal touch, but they are one of the holiday gift ideas that never go out of style. So, if it’s the 11th hour and you’ve still not found a Christmas gift for him, try a gift card for their favourite activities. Think of his favourite fitness centre or his favourite OTT platform. It will instantly put a smile on their faces!

Christmas gift ideas for her

We won’t call it a cheat sheet, but it is definitely an easy way to find holiday gifts for her. What is? This Amazon page. It is full of ideas for Christmas gifts for her—a wife, a mother, a sister, a boss lady, or anyone else! We give you 3 more. 

1. Scented candles

Are you staying home this holiday season with your loved ones? Gift them some scented candles and make their festive experience even more relaxing. Tap into the most emotional sense, smell, and make your loved ones feel like this last-minute Christmas gift is rather a thoughtful one.

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Picture: Amala Earth

2. Skincare essentials

Which woman doesn’t love pampering herself? We’ll wait while you fail to come up with an answer. It’s why skin products are the best Christmas gift ideas for her. They are a fantastic idea, especially during these cold winter months.

christmas gifting ideas

3. Succulents

Yes, we listed plants before, but succulents deserve a mention of their own. If you love her to the moon and back, then succulents are the quintessential gifts for her. They are the perfect way to show someone that you think of them. If you’re in too festive a mood, shape them into a Christmas tree before gifting!

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4. Photo frame

Everyone does ugly jumper photos on Christmas. This year, think a little differently and give her a decorative photo frame. Nothing says “thoughtful” like framing favourite or previously unseen photos in it. It’s a sentimental holiday gift idea. Consider metallic and rustic framed prints that she will treasure for the rest of her life.

christmas gifting ideasPicture: Nestasia

More Christmas gift ideas for 2022

Make an ordinary day, a special one with these holiday gift ideas and spread happiness all around.

And if none of these ideas rock your boat, Amazon has Christmas gift ideas here and here. Nestasia has some fantastic ones too.