As an actor in movies like Axone, 99 Songs, and Call my Agent, there is much to love about Merenla. But as a creator, she is even better. Take a look at Merenla Imsong’s Instagram account, and you’ll love her comedy skits on Reels and behind-the-scenes snippets of movies.

5 thngs creators can learn from Merenla Imsong’s Instagram account

Merenla is a relatable content creator who makes us laugh. But it is her stance on sensitive topics like sexual assault or the racism faced by north-eastern women in India that makes her a great example of how a creator can use their platform to serve an assortment of content for their audience. 

1. Relatability should come first

Although we see Merenla on the big screen working with our favourite actors, when we see her on Instagram, she is absolutely relatable. No matter what, a sense of belonging comes first in her content, and every content creator must use that to their advantage. Relatability helps you connect with the audience and allows them to develop a liking for you.


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2. Showcase your talent

A major content tip from Merenla Imsong’s Instagram is to display your talent, whatever that might be – from acting to doing many accents – to your community. Merenla, as an actress, hones her skill on short-form content. Her funny skits showcase her talent as an entertainer. 

Moreover, remember that using a skill that you already possess, like singing, dancing, or acting, can help diversify your content and avoid monotony for your audience.


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3. Be your relentless self

Merenla faces racism on her Instagram page, being a popular northeastern content creator, but that doesn’t restrict her from being relentlessly herself. She is proud of her ethnicity and showcases it without any apprehensions.

And that makes her audience fall in love with her and her content even more. If you are a new creator, your takeaway should be this. There will be many haters filling up your comment section, but the number of fans appreciating your honesty will be far more. 

4. Educate your audience

Other than just having humour on her page, Merenla Imsong’s Instagram also educates her viewers on topics like “a day in the life of a northeastern woman in India.” The content tip here is not just to make your community more aware but also to offer a wide variety of content to the audience. 


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5. Be consistent with content

One #thng you can learn from Merenla’s Instagram is that she posts consistently, from BTS snippets to her shoots to comedic reels. She ensures that her audience has something to come back to. 

Keep serving your audience a buffet of content

Being a new creator or budding influencer can be tiring at times, and you may have to fight the dangerous urge to give up. Use these tips from Merenla Imsong’s Instagram to find your motivation and never let it go.

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