Social media and the digital ether as a whole have evolved significantly over the years, particularly after the pandemic. However, there has been one constant: content creators. Which is why we have list, after list, after list of top creators in dozens of fields.

This time we decided not to talk about the best tech creators, beauty vloggers, or memers or comedians. हमने तोह ठान ली दू योर थिंग टॉप क्रिएटर्स ढूंढ ने की|

Top creators killin’ it on DYT (and Instagram)

Since DYT started in 2019, our community has grown to include thousands of creators, so choosing just 9 of the top creators for this month was hard. Harder than picking a filter that makes everyone look good.

But we persevered, and here we are.

Top creator #1: Ankit Gupta

Brand campaigns participated: 214

With over 196K followers, Anika Gupta’s Instagram account caters to lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty enthusiasts. The key to his success is consistency, and his content proves it.

Ankit has the honour of participating in 214 brand campaigns at DYT. Wondering how? Well, the top creator is always ready to experiment with his content. That makes his content relatable and exciting to watch. Rest assured, there is never a dull moment on his Instagram feed. 


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Top creator #2: Rashmi Sharma

Brand campaigns participated: 208

Mom bloggers have seen an uptick in the past few years, but Rashmi Sharma has cracked the code. With 50.7K followers, the top creator curates content that every mom wants to watch.

From Reels and posts with her daughter to tips on becoming a content creator, her content entertains and educates.


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Top creator #3:Anudeepa Guha

Brand campaigns participated:208

Lifestyle and entertainment are Anudeepa’s domains. She is relatable, funny, and aspirational, which is how she’s got a loyal following of 68.4K followers. This top creator is a big foodie, and you’ll often find proof of that on her Instagram.


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Top creator #4: Sushma Tiwari

Brand campaigns participated: 195

“Mom extraordinaire” is how we would define Sushma. The mother of two creates content across categories like travel, makeup, fashion, and dance. She is one of our top creators because scrolling through her Instagram makes you feel like part of her inner circle. And oh, we just love her quirks that turn everyday life into extraordinary.


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Top creator #5: Anita Singh

Brand campaigns participated: 172

The next creator on our list calls herself a homemaker, but we feel it’s safe to call her a splendid homemaker. Anita is proof that anyone can become one of the top creators. Age is never a bar!

If you’re managing a home (or even just a room) for the first time in your life, Anita has all the tips and tricks for you that she shares with her 269K followers.

Oh, by the way, we love that she diversifies her income stream with the Amazon Influencer Program. Need the best deals on kitchen appliances and home appliances? Try Anita’s Amazon shop!

Top creator #6: Nishu Guna

Brand campaigns participated: 171

Nishu is a micro-influencer who dabbles with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. With a touch of glam, her product reviews have the utmost honesty, making people trust her recommendations. And that’s helped this top creator build a loyal community of over 37K followers on Instagram. 


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Top creator #7:Heena Khanna

Brand campaigns participated: 159

In this list of top creators, Heena Khanna is another mom. From Delhi, the nano-influencer has just transitioned into the micro-influencer category through her relatable content. From makeup tips to parenting and motherhood advice, she’s sharing it all.


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Top creator #8:Swetha Ravindran

Brand campaigns participated: 143

A model and a content creator, we put Swetha in the top creators’ bucket for her picturesque shots. If you need photography ideas for your content, her feed is a great starting point. Swetha’s style is as unique as her personality, which shines through her content.


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Top creator #9:Shivani Purohit

Brand campaigns participated: 136

A professional content creator and blogger with nearly 209K Instagram followers, you’ve probably seen Shivani’s content. The ayurvedic doctor creates fashion and lifestyle content with Reels that actually help viewers!