It’s Children’s Day, and there is no better way to celebrate it than with child influencers in India. These kid bloggers are expressing themselves, amusing audiences, and showing the world that when you let kids be, they can soar to dizzying heights. 

BTW, if you’re not following at least one of these top kid influencers in India, who are giving adult bloggers a run for their money, you’re missing out! 

We’re not kidding about these 11 top kid influencers in India!

From reviewing toys to making ice cream, we have the best kid bloggers in India influencing the entire country. These urban child influencers do not shy away from showing off their creativity, and we are blown away by these bright minds! So, without further ado, here are the top kid influencers (according to us) in India, listed in no particular order. 

Kid influencer #1: Anantya Anand

What were you doing when you were a mere 4 years old? I was still learning to speak properly, but this was not the case with Anantya Anand, who fell in love with the camera.

Anantya Anand is one of India’s youngest top kid influencers and YouTubers to have reached one million subscribers. Her socials are managed by her mom, Nisha Topwal, who is also a food creator.

Like most youngsters her age, she loved toys, so she began reviewing them on YouTube. Her content has now transitioned to makeup tutorials and comedy-centric videos.

Kid influencer #2: Nihal Raj

When was the first time you learned to make your first tea? Our next top kid influencer, Nihal Rajagopalan, AKA Kicha,  has been making mouth-watering delicacies since the age of 3. He took help from his mother, Ruby, who happens to be a professional baker. 

Kicha’s journey started when he managed to shoot a video of himself making ice popsicles, and since then there’s been no looking back. The child influencer has been a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and has inked a huge contract with Facebook!

Kid influencers #3: Anushka and Aayushka

Anushka and Aayushka are a lovely sister gang and tween influencers on Instagram that deserve a follow. Their YouTube channel, Aayu and Anu, is primarily focused on bizarre challenges that are hilariously entertaining. From skits to educational content, the duo knows how to keep people hooked.

Kid influencer #4: Megan Rakesh

Megan Rakesh is a very cute 11-year-old child influencer on Instagram in India who shot to fame when Grammy-nominated vocalist and singer Alicia Keys heard her covers.

Megan, who began studying music with her father, a skilled musician, when she was two, started her YouTube channel at 5. For that reason, Megan is often regarded as one of the world’s youngest pop superstars.

Kid influencer #5: Varchasvi Sharma

Varchasvi Sharma, another adorable child influencer in India, is often recognised as “Sharmaji ki ladki.” Why? Because Praval Sharma, a YouTuber, is her father.

Highly expressive and with the uncanny ability to communicate intricately from a young age, Varchasvi captivates both Indian and international audiences. From dancing routines to unboxing videos, you’ll find tons of content on her socials.

Kid influencer #6: Amreen Malhotra

This kid blogger in India is renowned for her charming attractiveness. Amreen rose to prominence way back in 2018 thanks to her viral video “hi friends chai pilo“. From being one of the youngest child influencers to starring in her first TV show, ‘Agar Tum Na Hote”, the tiny cutie is an inspiration.

Kid influencer #7: KyraScope

It is time for toys with Kyra Kanojia! The kid blogger began reviewing products in 2016 on her YouTube channel, Kyrascope Reviews. Even when she didn’t know how to read instructions, she loved to assemble toys.

How does the young influencer manage it all? With her father, Manish Kanojia, who does all the back-end work from shooting to editing. The seven-year-old is living proof that it’s never too early or too late to construct your dream life.

Kid influencer #8: Praajakta Padhi

Praajakta Padhi is a child influencer on Instagram in India. Still a micro-influencer, the young creator is eager about fashion and loves to make her audiences laugh. On YouTube, she’s still building her channel, so give it a follow and help the creator out. 

Kid influencer #9: Jayas Kumar


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If there is one child influencer on Instagram in India that everyone’s heard about, it’s Jayas Kumar, especially if you’re into singing reality shows. The wonder child from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs lives with a heart condition. But that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his passions. 

Kid influencer #10: Wonder Girl AYAT

In 2016, a melodious voice came into the spotlight when she auditioned for The Voice Kids. Her name was Ayat Sheikh. The multi-talented kid influencer can sing, dance, and joke, so she started her own YouTube channel and amazed everyone around her. 

Kid influencers #11: Aayu and Pihu Show

The Aayu and Pihu Show started as a way of helping Ayush, who was then 3, learn by watching informative and fun videos. This led the parents of these kid influencers to start a new channel for them. And that opened the floodgates of content creation for the two children. As of the writing of this article, their Instagram page alone has 336k followers! 

Let these child influencers from India bring out your inner kid

We know watching cute videos of kid influencers is fun. But that’s not the only reason we demand you follow these young content creators. It’s because these kid influencers are true creators. 

They make content because they love what they do and are following their passion, whether it’s cooking, fashion, singing or something else. 

As our founder said, “When you begin your creator journey, you must focus on building a community. Monetisation is just an add-on. Money comes in after you have built the audience.”

So, let these kids be your inspiration and spark your creativity!

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