Before you can handle a social media crisis, you need to understand what it is and what it is not. 

A negative comment here or there doesn’t make a crisis. It is when you constantly face a lot of flak from people on social media or your engagement rates are in the dumps that you are going through a social media crisis.

Steps to handle a social media crisis

Your job, when faced with a social media crisis, is to quickly deal with it and control #thngs before it gets out of hand. 

1. Minutely observe what people say

Social media gives freedom to everyone to express their views, but that doesn’t give haters and trolls the right to run roughshod over you. 

While you can ignore most negative comments, don’t let repeat offenders get away with anything. They may cause enough nuisance to create a social media crisis. 

Here’s how you should respond to negative comments on social accounts. 

2. Protect your social media accounts 

One of the dangers of the social media crisis is your Instagram account getting hacked. A really angry troll can take over your Instagram handle. So, if you feel that a crisis is in the offing, nip it in the bud by strengthening the safety of your social accounts:

  • Make sure your password is strong
  • Only a couple of people should have access to the password
  • Get a two-factor authentication system to make your social media accounts less vulnerable 
  • Change password frequently to reduce the chances of getting the account hijacked

For more ways to protect your Instagram account, swing by here

3. Stop posting scheduled content

As a creator, you likely have a content calendar with days scheduled. When you’re in a social media crisis, one of the best ways to handle it is to pause all content. 

Why? One, it ensures that people don’t use it as fodder to fuel the crisis. Two, you can relook at all the posts and reframe them according to the new situation, if needed. 

Do note: hiding away doesn’t solve a social media crisis. Moreover, as a creator, you can’t afford to be inactive. So brace yourself, change your perspective, and then get ready to defend and learn. 

4. Stay connected to your followers

Remember, people will trust you more if you help them understand what you are going through. So, the next step in handling a crisis is to talk to your audience and present your side of the story:

  • Do it with confidence
  • Do it with patience
  • Do it without getting emotional

Keep the tone fun-filled and light while replying. It should in no way reflect your embarrassment or anger. 

Learn from the social media crisis experience

Don’t panic when a social media crisis hits. No matter what sort it is. Think of it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Once the crisis has passed, sit down and think back so that you have a better handle on future episodes:

  • Note what mistake(s) led to the social media crisis
  • Make a list of your steps to tackle the situation
  • Write down what worked and where you could improve

As a creator, especially if you are vocal about #thngs that make you different, it’s common to face backlash. As a creator, you also have the duty to make the internet a safe and inclusive place. 

So, learn how to handle any social media stress and crisis with grace.