Way, way, way back in January, Instagram announced Subscriptions. 9 months later, we’re being asked if Instagram subscriptions are available in India. 

And if small creators can use them.

But first #thngs first, Subscriptions allow creators to earn by selling exclusive content to their followers. Fans can subscribe to their favourite creators and get to enjoy the content that others can’t see. 

What triggered the need for Instagram Subscriptions?

Creators spend a lot of time on Instagram, and the platform believes that they should be able to earn money through it. Moreover, subscriptions are a great way for creators to build a stronger and closer relationship with their followers. 

Currently, the social media platform doesn’t plan to collect any fees from the creators, at least during this initial rollout of the feature. That means, as a creator, you get to keep every penny.

Is Instagram Subscription in India?

Instagram slowly rolled out the subscription service. At first, it was offered to 10 US creators and then to others. Today, Instagram Subscription is available in most countries, including India. 

Although, not all creators including small and budding may have access to it yet. Creators who can use the subscription feature have the option to add the ‘Subscribe’ button to their Instagram profiles. There are three monthly subscription options in India that a creator can choose from:

  • ₹89
  • ₹440 
  • ₹890 

Can you cancel your Instagram Subscription?

Yes, you can. 

A follower can unsubscribe at any time before the end of the current subscription period. Creators can activate or deactivate the subscription button from their settings. 

What content is available with the subscription?

A creator can produce exclusive Stories, Reels, feed Posts, and Lives for their subscribers. Instagram also offers subscriber-only Group Chats.

In addition to these, the subscribers get a “purple badge” flashing next to their username when they comment on the creator’s posts, and stories, or send a DM. The creator, noticing the ‘purple badge’, gives preference to the user, naturally.

What else should you know about Instagram subscriptions in India?

Instagram is expanding the monetization possibilities for creators. And subscriptions are just one way. But if you’re one of the creators who can’t use the feature, worry not. 

There are tons of other ways to earn money online. See here, here, and here.

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