There was a time when a brand could collaborate with a creator without an influencer contract. 

Today, formalising the relationship with an influencer agreement has become essential. With even a simple contract in place, both brands and creators can avoid grey areas that can turn chaotic. 

So, as tempted as you may be to start working on a mere tacit agreement, we, a platform experienced in influencer marketing campaigns, urge you to have a contract for influencers in place. 

What is an influencer contract? 

A brand influencer contract is an agreement between the brand and the creator in which all the details of the social media campaign are written. It gives direction to the campaign flow, explaining the brand requirements systematically.

The contract has to be signed by both parties to be considered valid. Once it is, it becomes a legal document and each party has to abide by the rules stated in it. 

An influencer-brand contract ensures the brand gets the content they need on time, and the creator receives the agreed-upon compensation.

Why does a brand need a social media influencer contract?

By having a written agreement in place, you can minimise risks and maximise results. 

  • It lends transparency and professionalism to the collaboration.
  • It strengthens the foundation of the brand-influencer relationship.
  • It sets clear expectations for creators, increasing the chances of campaign success.
  • It guarantees that a brand gets high-quality content worth its investment. 

Besides, a well-drafted contract for influencers ensures there are no hiccups and misunderstandings that put the success of the influencer marketing campaign in jeopardy. 

How to write an influencer contract?

Honestly, there are many ways to write an influencer contract, and it depends on your brand’s requirements. Do you only need static posts? Are you asking for perpetual rights to the content? Are you looking for cross-platform content?  

Regardless of these variables, the basic influencer contract template remains the same. Here’s an influencer contract example that was drafted by a legal team for the DYT creator community

Influencer contract checklist

While you can use our sample influencer contract, if you want to write your own creator agreement, these are the must-haves.

The essentials 

The agreement should have the details of the company as well as the influencer. Writing about your brand helps the creator be well-versed in your ethics and standards. It should also record the email ID, address, and date of the contract of both parties.

● The deliverables

Clearly mention the number of deliverables expected by the creator in the influencer contract. This includes:

  • The format(s) – video, static, Reel or otherwise
  • Which social media will be used

Ensure the creator signs the influencer agreement only if they can deliver the content within the time frame set.

● The deadlines

The influencer has to release the content on the dates given by the brand, failing which the brand may cut the payment.

  • Always specify the date by which the influencer should send their content. 
  • To keep better control over the campaign and ensure brand safety, include a clause that the creator must get content approved (within specific timelines) before pushing it live. 
● The protocols

Mention in the brand influencer contract all the elements to be highlighted in the content:

For brands who wish to keep tight control over the communication, you can also specify the way to include these elements. However, we’ve learnt that when brands truly collaborate with creators and give them creative leeway, campaigns succeed. 

Some creators tend to archive or delete branded content after a certain period to maintain their feed. So, always indicate a minimum duration for which the content must remain live before the influencer can remove it.

● The compensation

Be sure to clearly define how you are going to compensate the creator in the influencer contract. Besides the mode of payment, is it cash, free products, or discount codes? Share the exact amount too and when it will be paid. 

● The others

Two #thngs that brands often miss when writing an influencer contract are rights to content and access to statistics. 

Even if you don’t plan to reuse the content, always have the clause in place. 

  • Mention how long you retain the rights to the creator’s content and if you can reuse it, like on website banners or in-feed ads. 
  • Include that the creator needs to submit metrics like views, saves, visits, reach, shares, etc as proof of success.

One last thng

Life bleeds in. 

There are events that no one can foresee. Plan for them in the influencer agreement with force majeure clause, especially if you’re asking a creator for Live sessions or event participation. 

Have questions about creating a contract between your brand and influencers? We invite you to get in touch with the DYT Team.

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No information given here constitutes as legal advice. 

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