Influencers here, influencers there, influencers everywhere. Especially on Do Your Thng. Yet, we’re starved for more creators. So, we did what we always do. Sat down to debate over our favs. This time it’s couple influencers on Instagram. 

Couple influencers on Instagram that we love

We don’t know how and we don’t know why, but Desi couple influencers are on the rise these days. All we know is that watching their content has restored our faith in love. 

At least for those who don’t believe it is purely a chemical reaction that can be triggered by a good book or chocolate. So, without further hullabaloo, here are our 10 Indian Instagram couple influencers.

1. Abhi and Niyu

Abhi and Niyu are a power couple on a mission to spread love, happiness, and well-being to the community. They provide actionable and unique content ranging from facts to new and mesmerising experiences. 

Their content constantly raises awareness of trending topics so their audience can stay informed about what’s happening in the world. This couple influencer has become our go-to source for news. 

2. Savi and Vid

Savi and Vid, or as we think of them in our minds, Bruised Passports, have been travelling together for nearly 15 years. The couple influencer is proof that travel really does feed the soul. 

For us, their feed is a constant reel of learning. From how to start travelling to how to photograph the night sky, their content is a treasure trove for new creators. But it’s their blog that we love the most. There is no other place on the Internet we’d rather go when planning a travel itinerary. 

3. Diksha and Vishnu


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We’re just waiting for Diksha and Vishnu to start a common channel. Until then, we’ll binge on the cute bond of the talented influencer couple through their individual Instagram and YouTube handles. 

Their love and chemistry have us and their audience going awww. The reason we adore them? Besides being immensely talented video creators, Vishnu launched a clothing line, Peach by Vishnu. It’s proof that creators can earn in various ways. 

4. Aashna and Ayush


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Aashna and Ayush are both well-known influencers who have been together for a long time. Their adorably funny reels are the perfect screenshot of the couple’s bond and relationship.

From relationships to fashion, from make-up to home, their content ranges across all topics, which keeps their fans constantly interested. And, oh, they’ve collaborated with a boatload of brands: Gillette, Betty, Cadbury, and more.

5. Daizy and Ankit


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Daizy and Ankit, aka “the vogue vanity,” are the talk of the town thanks to their cuteness and posts that swing from fashion to beauty and back to lifestyle. It’s why brands love this couple influencer on Instagram too. Lakme, L’Oreal, Amazon Fashion, Flipkart, Opa. All have collaborated with the couple creator.

6. Mrunal and Anirudh


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We got to know about Mrunal and Anirudh from the damnfam content creator group. They’ve since parted ways (happily tho) but we still follow this Instagram couple influencer for the pure friendship and love that shines through their content. But TBH, it’s the dog content that has us hooked.

7. Ritu and Gaurav

Yes, we know we’re bending the rules a bit. Ritu Rathee and Gaurav Taneja may not have an influencer couple Instagram account, but they have one on YouTube, Flying Beast. The pilot couple were part of the Indian reality show “Smart Jodi”. 

What we love about their content is their respectful approach toward one another, but with a hefty dose of humour. Their 2-year-old daughter, Rasbhari, just adds to the fun!

8. Nirali and Rishabh

 The influencer couple, aka “Gypsycouple,” chose travel as a means of exploring life together and learning about each other. They both enjoy travel, which eventually became a way of life for them, and they haven’t looked back since.  

A twist in their story that most people don’t expect is that the couple creators had an arranged marriage. While most of their content is centred around travel, they do talk about equipment and lifestyle products. We love their very organic way of posting sponsored content. 

Take a look at the caption of this post and how they begin by saying they own two products from the brand. Stuff like this (where you are a true brand user) has more impact!

9. Archana and Vidur

Archana and Vidur are the true definitions of “wanderlust.” Rather than following popular trends, their content is original and does something different. What we love about this Instagram influencer couple is their willingness to always assist fellow travellers. Their content, spanning Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, is just the cherry on top. 

10. Saumya and Vishu

Another travel couple influencer on the list, Saumya and Vishu have been sharing their travel and life experiences on their blog “Road to Taste.” 

They’ve perfected the art of dividing and conquering the content creation mountain. Vishu handles the copy, while Saumya handles the visuals. (Now, if only every creator had a partner to help with the work that comes with content creation, everything would be golden.)

More couple influencers?

We know we’ve missed quite a few couple creators. 

So do us a favour?

Drop the handles of the influencer couples you love in the comments for us to binge on more content.

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