The fashion industry is the world’s 2nd largest polluter. So, if you don’t know what sustainable fashion is by now, #boooo. But, but, but as an aspiring creator, learning to be a sustainable fashion influencer is not simple. 

So, how do you get with the times?

How can budding fashion influencers be more sustainable?

Let’s get the truth out of the way. For new fashion creators, the hardest challenge is being one of the sustainable influencers in India. However, two simple approaches can help you achieve sustainability when doing your thng. 

Opt for thrift shops

Thrift shops have always been around, but ever since the pandemic came into the picture, they have blown up around the globe. Since plenty of them sell online through Instagram, you can easily source pre-loved clothes or reject pieces. 

Thrift shops are a great way to be a sustainable influencer because they promote the habit of giving away perfectly usable (and sometimes almost new) clothes rather than tossing them in the bin. 

And if you’re hesitant about purchasing pre-owned but new-to-you apparel, remember this. It’s evolved into a way of life because it advocates zero-waste. People, creators and influencers who thrift do it with pride. 

Plus, it’s always fun to hunt for interesting, unique pieces. Moreover, it is super cost-effective. You might not be able to afford a spanking new Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik, but you can definitely bankroll a pre-loved one. 

And that’s the first way to become one of the top sustainability influencers.

Swap clothes with others

The next trick to being a sustainable influencer is swapping clothes. The concept is not new, especially for Indians. We’ve been wearing hand-me-downs and trading clothes with siblings and cousins for ages. 

This author’s closet is still half filled with dresses that her sisters have rejected because they made them look circumferentially challenged. 

So, find other creators with whom you can trade clothes when you get bored of them or have exhausted all content options. It’s a simple way to be one of the few sustainability influencers on Instagram because:

And, oh, while you’re out there creating content on sustainable fashion, don’t forget to encourage your community to do the same. You may not stop the entire world from buying garments from fast fashion stores. But you’ll defos encourage people to make the switch. 

Be a sustainable fashion influencer who educates

At DYT, we’ve always been vocal about a creator’s duty to educate their community. Whatever your #thng may be – art, music, comedy, or fashion – make sure your content teaches people who follow you something. 

And if you want to be a sustainable fashion influencer, then spark discussions about how we can reduce the harmful impact of expressing ourselves through clothes on the environment. 

Show them how to shop more responsibly through your Instagram feed. Or support fundraisers and events that preach and practice sustainability within the fashion industry.

All in all, be an influencer who educates and changes the game.

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