Makeup and beauty are no longer a means of hiding flaws. It is a tool for expressing emotions and demanding inclusion. Being one of the top influencer marketing niches for creators, trends in the beauty industry are getting more authentic and experimental. 

Top 6 makeup and beauty trends for social media creators in 2022

If you are a beauty creator feeling this wave of change and looking for beauty trends in 2022 to keep up with, congratulations. You have landed in the right place!

1. Bleaching eyebrows

A trend that has taken the beauty world by storm is bleaching eyebrows. And we have Kim K and fashion weeks in London, New York, and Paris to blame for it. However, it originally emerged in the fashion scene in the 1990s.

Now, creators have taken the makeup and beauty trend and run with it. Unlike the usual bushy black brows, bleached brows give an extra smooth and divine-like appearance to your face and make it look extra glamorous. 

Give this trend a try, especially if you are into creating bold eye-makeup looks. We predict this is one of the latest makeup trends that will never make it in India!

2. Plump glossy lips

This is one trend in makeup and beauty that has bounced back recently with much grace and finesse. Earlier, matte finishes and natural lip colours were the go-to choices of every beauty creator. 

Well, that isn’t the case anymore. Makeup enthusiasts are done playing it safe. They want to be bold and expressive, and glossy, vibrant lipsticks are one way of doing so. 

Or just use lip oil if you’d like to create content around the clean beauty trend in india.


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Not sure which colour you should go for? You can never go wrong with bright reds. Identify your skin undertones and pick a warmer shade to make your lip shade look much cooler. 

3. Mid-parted hair

You may need some courage and an extra layer of beauty product to perfect this look. But it would be worth it. Side-parts are the safe option so far as they frame the face just right. 

But mid-parted hair has become a #thng because, well, beauty is all about taking risks and making something extraordinary out of ordinary. 

This hair and beauty trend fully exposes your face structure and enlightens your real beauty. And this year is all about keeping #thngs real. It doesn’t matter if your hairdo is up or down the mid-part will give you a slick look. 

4. Bright graphic eyes

Bright neon colours and pastel hues for eye makeup are changing the definition of bold and beautiful amongst Gen-Zs. Massive wings created with neon green and blue eyeliners, using metallic shadows, a double-wing look, chunky black wings, and symmetrical eyeshadow colours. 

This makeup trend has many avatars and just started making the rounds in the beauty market in India. And beauty creators, you can take your pick. Move beyond your stereotypical subtle makeup and dip into bold graphic eye makeup looks. 


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5. Glitters on skin

Love shimmers and glitters? You will surely love the glitter makeup and beauty trend . It hasn’t ever gotten out of fashion, though. Runway models, actresses in movies, red carpet events, and people at cocktail parties have been using it to make their skin look bright and dewy for years. 

It has been pretty much one of the beauty secrets of celebrities. But recently, it entered the mainstream influencer world when well-known beauty creators started using glitter to enhance their makeup looks. Now, it is one of the beauty trends in 2022 dominating music festivals, beach parties, and pretty much every other gathering. 


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6. Makeup on men

This is an era of breaking stereotypes. So why should men stay behind? Beauty and makeup trends are not dominated by women anymore. Many male creators stepped into the beauty niche this year. Look no further than Siddharth Batra, self-proclaimed CEO of #GuyBeauty donning bold looks. 


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From basic grooming routines such as scrubbing to remove dead skin cells to routine makeup like lip colour and eyebrows, makeup on men is a #thng now. 

Your turn to define makeup and beauty trends

Have you tried any of these trends? Do you have a favourite? Tell us about them and which of them will be a part of the future of the beauty industry!

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