Ever since Reels were introduced on Instagram, it has changed the content game for creators. But for travel creators, it’s taken it to a whole new stratosphere. As much as Reels may capture the beauty, consistently coming up with travel Reels ideas for Instagram is not easy. 

11 travel Reels ideas for Instagram creators

So, we dug deep into the accounts of the best travel influencers and bloggers to find some inspiration. 

1. Life of a travel creator

You can capture your day-to-day thoughts about how it feels and what it takes to be a travel content creator. 

2. Trip memories 

Share weird, unforgettable, heart-warming or any other experience through your travel Reels to connect with your community. 

3. Tradition, culture and life of locals

We all know कोस-कोस पर पानी बदले, चार कोस पर वाणी | For travel content creators it’s a great advantage. It means you are likely to meet several interesting cultures, communities, and backgrounds. And that makes for a kicka$$ travel Reels idea. 

From how they earn their livelihood to their traditions, you can post a tonne of stuff. And if the locals love it, dress up traditionally and create a Reel on it.


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4. Compilation of snapshots 

Compile the pictures of the entire trip into a Reel. Or capture images every hour and at the end of the day, make a travel Reel of them and post them as day-to-day memories. 

5. Checklist for travelling 

Help novice travellers with a Reel on must-have travel checklist. Because we all know, even after careful planning and packing, we tend to miss something or the other.

6. Speciality of that place

Every destination is known for something or the other. Create travel Reels specifically to enlighten others’ knowledge of what that speciality is. You can share the prices of items in local markets and special dishes. Or just make a Reel of its history.

7. Travel bucket list Reel 

It is customary for every travel blogger to have a bucket list. Share with your community what places you have on your list and whether they match with theirs or not through a Reel.

8. Local places to visit 

Travel doesn’t have to be to faraway places. And that’s the next Travel Reel idea. Share short videos on weekend getaways near your home city or the best places to visit when there.

9. Before-after Reels 

These are always interesting to look at. The scenery changes with time, and creating a Reel with present and past images shows exactly how.

10. Minimalistic living Reels 

For those who travel for long stretches, this is an excellent travel Reel idea. Show what travelling is like when living with only necessary items. Or share camping and bonfire Reels. 

11. How-to videos and tips 

We’ve given this as a travel content idea before, and it works for Reels too. How-to videos on any topic related to travel are a trend that never gets old.

Some more ideas for travel Reels

From places that are best to travel with groups to solo travel destinations, from best couple destinations to places to travel with family, you can do a lot with Reels.

Once you’ve exhausted the travel Reels ideas we shared above, hop on to these:

  1. Panning videos, they make for gorgeous reels

2. Exploring hotels and narrating the experience of the stay

3. Sharing the beliefs of people in spooky places

4. Advantages and disadvantages of visiting a particular place

5. Water-falls, water lapping on shores or snow falling


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6. Was the overall trip worth it or not?

7. Time-lapse videos of rising and setting sun

8. Night and day views of the same location

9. Pocket-friendly places to travel

10. Lesser-known travel destinations


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11. Amazing facts about places or noteworthy historical backgrounds

12. Expectations and reality Reels

13. Language struggles and guide books to take

14. Ways to save money to travel

Bookmark these travel Reel ideas

The #thngs you can do with travel Reels are endless. We leave you with just one piece of advice. Make sure that you don’t post each and everything you do while travelling. That’ll just irritate users, and you’ll end up losing followers. 

Looking for travel Instagram captions? Hop here.

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