TL; DR: What To Post is a new series that offers cheat sheets for social media content. Download it, pin it, or bookmark it. Just keep it handy for reference!

We started the #WhatToPost series in June, where we share a content calendar that creators (or even brands) can use when looking for social media post ideas. This month, we are back with a bang with our July 2022 content calendar.

July 2022 social media content calendar for creators

As before, there are plenty of ways to use the social media content calendar for July 2022.

  • You can stick to one theme for 30 days. For example, July 6 is World Zoonoses Day, commemorating vaccinations against zoonotic diseases. What are those? Diseases that spread from animals to humans, like Ebola, bird flu, or COVID-19 (if you believe the theory that it started from bats). You can use the month to spread awareness about vaccinations.
  • You can also create content for individual special days in July. For example, July 1st is Doctor’s Day in India, in memory of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. The second chief minister of West Bengal.
  • If you’re a comedian, # InternationalJokeDay (on July 1st) is your day to let loose with puns, jokes, and humour. For content creators who are also book lovers, July 31st is not to be missed. It’s Harry Potter’s birthday.
  • Or stick to the usual well-known days and festivals like Eid-Al-Adha, which will fall on July 8th this year.

Now that you know how to use the social media content calendar for July 2022, here’s the cheat sheet to keep your socials swimming in posts next month ?

July Content calander

How to use our July content calendar for your social media?

We always say that ideas are like bumpers. They help you stay in the right lane, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the lane. So, you don’t have to create a post for every day listed on our July 2022 content calendar.

Pick as many or as few as you want. But keep these #thngs in mind:

  • This is by no means an exhaustive list of special days in July. Feel free to do your own research and add to it.
  • Choose days connected to your content niche and that your community relates to.
  • We’re a mighty team, but still a small and human one. Dumb #thngs happen. So, always double-check the days and dates, especially if you are not in India.
  • Don’t be shy about adding a local or regional spin to your content. We constantly see it outperforming the regular posts in English.

Wrapping up July 2022 content calendar ideas

When you’re out of ideas on what post to create for a specific day in July, pick a stunning image, stick a quote on it (something that relates to the day in question), and voilà!

Think: dressing up as different emojis on World Emoji Day (July 17). 

Not funky enough for you? Share an elevator anecdote on #TalkInAnElevatorDay (July 29).

Not poignant enough? On July 26th, honour Kargil Vijay Diwas.

Want to include your community and increase engagement? Post about reaching the 2nd half of the year. Talk about what goals you’ve accomplished in 2022 and what’s left. Get your followers to talk about theirs too.

Now go forth and create stunning content!

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