The secret to going viral on Instagram right now? You guessed it right: Instagram Reels.

Reels allow creators to share videos up to 90 seconds with their audience. Today, the Instagram algorithm pushes reels that use trending sounds. Why? Because adding music to Reels adds value and grabs users’ attention.

So, that begs the question “how do you find trending sounds and go viral with Instagram audio?”

How to find trending sounds that help you go viral with Instagram audio?

You may have noticed Instagram influencers using sounds in their Reels that go viral. You, too, might want to create such an impression. So, here’s how you can do it.

Find them through Reels

One of the best ways to find Instagram audio is by scrolling through Reels. This may seem challenging, but it can be fun. You can head to the Instagram Reel Explore Page and scroll through the Reels. 

The platform uses an AI-based algorithm that determines your interest and plays the Reels that you may like. So, keep scrolling to explore trending Instagram audio for your next Reel.

However, Instagram changes its UI when introducing new features. So, the method of finding trending audios may change.

Visit the Reels trend report

If scrolling through Instagram Reels is not your #thng, you can check the Reels Trend Report. Each report includes a round-up of the past week’s content, such as trendy music, sounds, challenges, hashtags, etc. Instagram @Creators account releases this report every Friday.

You can get the trend report by tapping on “Trend Report” Highlight on the Instagram Creator’s page.

How to get viral

(source: Instagram)

The Story Highlight has a great suggestions on how to recreate a moment by using these audios, sounds, or hashtags. 

viral reels

(source: Instagram)

Hit the Instagram audio tab

When creating a Reel on Instagram, you can tap on the music icon to find trending audio from the app’s library. It will pop up a screen recommending audios tailored for you. Moreover, it will display a search bar menu where you can find music. 

If Instagram recommends you particular audio in your Reels, it’s because it’s trending.

While using the Instagram Audio library is excellent, it is not for everyone. If you are using a business account, there may be some sounds or music that won’t be available to you. This is due to copyright issues. But, don’t worry! There’s a way out. All you need to do is follow the below steps:

  • Tap on “Edit Profile.”
  • Search and click on “Category.”
  • Write “Entrepreneur” and hit the green check mark.

By doing this, you can easily use any audio in your Reels without falling into the trap of copyright issues.

Keep an eye on other creators

Another best way to find trendy music is to peep into the other creator’s Reel section. It will give you an idea of what’s trending on Reels. Once you have found the trendy music for Reels, it’s time to hop over to Instagram and create a spark in the Reels world and gain followers.

Follow these blogs

Since we know using Instagram audio is a great way to go viral, we’ve dedicated 2 whole blog posts to them.

We update both of them with the latest Reel audios every week. So, save them, bookmark them, pin them, or add them to your mobile’s home screen and save the effort of finding music on your own.

Is it possible to go viral with Instagram audio you created?

The short answer is – YES! While tonnes of sounds are available on Instagram, creating your own Instagram audio is an option. For songs, create your own soundtracks using AI-based music software. You can remove the instruments and vocals and create original background music for your Reels. For audios, pick any dialogue you love. 

If you’re planning to create your own Instagram sound to go viral, ask yourself the below questions:

  • Does it have the potential to reach a wider audience and become a new trend?
  • Is there any similar sound available?

Now that you have got the entire run on Instagram audio, it’s time to do your thng and explore new music for your next Reel.

Have fun!

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