TL;DR:  Social media trends have the power to create a viral storm. Use Google Alerts, Instagram Explore page, and Twitter Lists and streams to find them. Or follow a few blogs, podcasts, and events. 


If you are a creator or anybody who makes their living out of social media, you most definitely spend the majority of your day on your phone.

Why? Because you’re looking up new content ideas and social media trends.

Yet, some days scrolling for hours is no good. Content inspo and trends remain just beyond the tip of your furiously scrolling thumb.

With that, we give you tools and tips that make tracking the latest trends on social media super easy! 

1. Maximise the potential of Google 

Google is a necessity. The sheer potential of what it can do is beyond imagination. Now, we harness its power to find out the latest trends on social media from around the globe! 

How? Set up Google Alerts.

Make a list of top influencers and creators you love and adore and set up alerts for any three of them. So, when they put out new content, you’re the first one to know! FYI, you can set up alerts for any keywords relevant to your content niche

2. Curate a stream on Twitter 

Twitter is really slept upon. We tell you. 

So, even if you don’t use it to publish your content, use it to search for the latest social media trends.

Create a Twitter stream using popular hashtags that match your niche like #foodphotos, #doyourthng, #travelcontent. Our advice? Do some extra detailed research to find trending hashtags and then follow them on Twitter.  

 We recommend not adding general hashtags such as #creator or #trending to the list as they might create a lot of noise, instead of giving you ideas. 

3. Follow the right people on Twitter

Another great advantage of Twitter is that everyone is quick and super active on it. You’ll find it’s the first place where creators discuss upcoming or latest trends. Use the hashtags you’ve curated in the previous step to find influencers who are most active with those hashtags. 

Now, follow these influencers religiously and stay up-to-date with their tweets. It’s the quickest way to know about what’s the current #thng on social media and to come up with unique ideas for your content! 

4. Bring back blogs

With short-form content taking over, the traffic on blogs isn’t like how it used to be. But, let us assure you that blogs are where the information lies! 

From detailed explainer blogs on how to keep up with social media trends (like this one 😉 ) to blogs on upcoming trends, they’ll keep your head afloat. Set aside time in your weekly schedule to carefully go through these blogs so that you are well aware of what’s happening and what’s about to happen in the social media world!

Psst: Do Your Thng is a great place to keep up with the Creator Economy, influencer marketing and all #thngs content creations. 

5. LinkedIn to the rescue

There are certain groups on LinkedIn that discuss the latest trends and updates on social media rigorously. Join these groups to meet like-minded people, know and understand the trends. The groups are extremely lively, and often have an in-depth analysis of each trend and update. 

6. Attend a webinars, lives, and events

Take time out to attend an event. They are great spaces to hear the thoughts of social media experts and meet fellow creators. Use the information to your advantage. Better yet, get one-on-one with an expert. 

FYI, DYT is going to launch webinars and one-on-one consultations with top creators soon. So be on the lookout if you’re a DYT Pro user!

7. Podcasts are a hub of information

As we mentioned earlier, with short-form content ruling the social media world, good information often gets lost. While blogs are excellent at digging out lost trends and content ideas, podcasts are even better because you can listen to them on the go. 

Plug into a podcast on your daily commute, or while you are doing your everyday chores, and bam! You get quality information while using your time effectively. 

Short and sweet, long and informative, you’ll find all sorts of podcasts. All with valuable information on what’s new in social media, how to start off and grow on social media, and more! 

8. Religiously, check Explore page on Instagram 

We saved the most effective way to find social media trends for last. Most of you are creators on Instagram, and what better source to stay up to date on the latest trends on Instagram than Instagram?!  Dive deep into your Explore page on Instagram and discover new content and trends based on your specific niche. 

Before signing off, we have one last tip for you

Do not forget to stay authentic to yourself and create content that truly resonates with you. It is easy to get lost in the latest social media trends, and when you look back, you will just be one of the many. Instead, try adding your own twist to the trends and stay unique.