Content creators know the significance of photography. When you take pictures like a pro, your engagement rises. And rises. And rises. But no magic pill can make you an expert.

Skill and experience go a long way, but a few handy photography tips for influencers, especially rookies, can make all the difference. 

Rookie photography tips to make you look like a pro

Let’s unpack the cameras and get started on some photography tips for influencers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a DSLR or a phone camera. It all works because, at the end of the day, the goal is to get some aesthetically beautiful pics.

Ambient lighting

Lighting is the most essential part of making a shot look professional. Yet, it is one of the most overlooked aspects among beginner photographers. 

Pick the right light to set the mood. Avoid shooting cheery photos on cloudy days, unless you have good editing skills or a good idea of how to click. To create harsh shadows, keep the source of light small and close to you. For soft shadows, use a bigger light source and keep it farther away.

Pick the right light to set the mood. Avoid shooting cheery photos on cloudy days; unless you have good editing skills or a good idea of how to click. To create harsh shadows, keep the source of light small and closer to you. For soft shadows, use a bigger light source and keep them farther away.

Lighting is the devil of photography, so fair warning, you will get several ugly photos. But don’t give up ‘cause practice makes perfect.

Make use of a tripod

A tripod makes a significant difference in the sharpness of your image, and they’re not pricey. They steady your picture, which changes the quality.

Try plain backgrounds

In photography, the straightforward approach is typically the most reasonable. Where feasible, go for a basic backdrop with neutral colours and uncomplicated designs. 

Instead of being pulled to a weird spot of colour in the background, the eyes of your followers will be drawn to the image’s main point. This is especially important This is especially important when the model, product, or primary element of the picture is off-centre.

Plain walls. Solid colour sheets. Cardboards. Anything and everything works. Use your creativity. Even chipped walls can give new life to the photographs.  

Learn how to use an editing tool

Newbie photographers are surprised to learn that the fantastic photos they see on social don’t appear nearly as good when they’re just shot. The finishing touches that actually make a picture appear professional are done in a photo editing tool.

The photography tip for influencers is to avoid heavy editing as much as possible. Why? Because you haven’t mastered tools like Snapseed or Adobe Lightroom, and too much editing will make your content look fake. 

The strategy to use is: if you think the picture is below par and a few tweaks won’t fix it, take another shot. 

Photography tips for mastering your influencer content

The rule of thirds

The Rule of Thirds is the photography secret you need to use if you want to produce content that has a “hatke” factor baked in.

Visualise four lines. Two horizontally and two vertically across the image, making a grid with nine equal squares. Or use the grid option on your phone’s camera and create a 3×3 grid. A picture that obeys the rule of thirds is typically more visually appealing.

Most photographs appear best with the focus point in the centre square. But in many cases, off-centring the subject results in a better artistically arranged image. Think of placing the subject of your content at the intersection of any two horizontal or vertical lines.

Make use of negative space

Negative space, also known as white space, is the region around the subject of your image. It gives your eyes some breathing room. When there isn’t enough negative space in an image, it seems congested and chaotic, with each element shouting for the viewer’s attention.

The Rule of Thirds might help you use negative space more effectively. Using various exposure methods to focus on a particular portion of an image may also help you master the use of negative space in a picture.

Incorporate a feeling of depth into your photographs

It helps to generate a feeling of depth while photographing landscapes to make the audience feel as though they are there. To keep the depth of field crisp, use a wide-angle lens with a modest aperture of f/16 or smaller. 

Positioning a person or thing in the foreground helps create a sense of scale and highlights the distance. If feasible, use a tripod because a tiny aperture necessitates a slower shutter rate.

Select the correct ISO

The ISO setting controls the light sensitivity of your camera and the fineness of your image grain. When shooting in low light, increase the ISO to a higher level, such as 400–3200, to minimise blurring. On bright days, use ISO 100 or the Auto option since there’s more light to deal with.

To produce motion, pan the camera

Panning is a method used to capture a moving subject. Pick a shutter speed 2 steps lower than required. For example, instead of 1/250, go with 1/60. Hold your camera on that subject and press the shutter halfway down to lock the focus. When you’re ready, shoot. Keep in mind to track the subject as it moves. If feasible, use a tripod to reduce camera wobble and achieve crisp movement lines.

Finally, keep practising these photography tips

Knowing every photography tip for influencers helps, but practising is the only way to get better. A picture speaks a thousand words. Let those words be absolutely yours. And if you need more help with clicking the best photographs for your Instagram, go here and here