What if you could make your Instagram appear in Google search results? Right at the top. 

Like you can do with a website (albeit, after a lot of SEO math).

You’d have a shot at getting more followers and interaction.

It’s not easy because there is no direct evidence that optimising your Instagram account would lead to you showing up in a Google search. But, a little Googling does point to it.

instagram account on google search

Why is it that Instagram accounts do not automatically show up in Google search? Due to 2 #thngs. One, the platform doesn’t index the pictures you post (click that link if you want to know what indexing means). Two, most Instagram users don’t want to pop up in Instagram Google search results.

That said, there are a few tricks that can get your whole profile, if not a particular post, to show up on Google!

Tips on how to get your Instagram to show up on Google search

So, how do you improve your Instagram game and get found on Google? Well, with a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). So, if you’ve been wondering how to show my Instagram account on google search, here’s how you go about it.

1. Make sure your profile is set to public

Duh! But it had to be said.

The first solution to how to make your Instagram account appear on Google is to make your Instagram profile public. It is the only way for it to show up in Google search results. 

2. Getting the most out of your Instagram bio

Your Instagram bio is the only text on your entire page. The rest is just videos and images. So this is where you can do most of the optimisation.

In SEO parlance, it’s similar to meta descriptions. If you don’t know what that means, chill. All you gotta understand is that it’s the second step to how to get your Instagram on Google search.

Since you only have 150 characters to work with, make them count. Feel free to stuff them with meaningful and relevant keywords. Unlike Google, Instagram doesn’t view stuffing as a negative. FYI, hashtags also count as keywords.

For example, if you’re a digital artist, consider including keywords like (art, artist, digital artist, etc.) in your bio. 

3. Your image caption is like title tag 

In SEO terms, your name (not your @username) and the image caption are the title tag.  What does that mean? When someone searches for you on Google, your caption transforms into a title, like in the picture below:

instagram on google search

So, the trick is to include your primary keyword right under your profile name. Don’t overload it. Keep it simple, like changing Dhruv to Dhruv’s NFTs.

Another way to add your Instagram account to Google search is to start your caption with the most important information so when a user reads it on Google, they get hooked. Use keywords in the captions. They’ll increase the visibility of your post, reel, or video. But do not make the whole caption just keywords. That looks spammy. 

4. Using hashtags in captions

There has been a lot of debate over whether hashtags are significant on Instagram. And whether you need to use 5 hashtags or all 30. The answer varies. 

Find what works best for you, but do use hashtags related to your content. They are crucial to Instagram SEO and making your  account appear on Google search, giving you more reach and exposure through the explore page. 

5. Including alt text

This is one of the most underappreciated and underutilised tools that Instagram has to offer. Alt text has unexplored potential for increasing your chances of showing up on Google search. You can quickly create a description of the image or video you’re posting with keywords. The algorithm will do the rest to show your Instagram account in Google search results. 

6. Include links to your actual Instagram posts

Due to some technical mumbo-jumbo, individual Instagram posts do not appear as frequently in search results as your profile. If you want to aggressively promote any post, you have to add a link to it on different platforms. 

Say you write a blog. Copy the link of the Instagram post (the one that leads people directly to it) you think is relevant to it, and then add it to your article (like we’ve done with this link). 

Google will index the link to that particular post, increasing the chances of it appearing in search results. 

7. Increase the number of followers

As we said at the start, Instagram deliberately stops search engines like Google from indexing images. That said, it does allow accounts with a high number of followers to show up in Google search results. 

So, that’s the final answer to how to get Instagram on Google search. Build your community. If you’re at 2500 followers, target 10k. If you’re on 10K, grow them to 50K or more.

What if you don’t want your Instagram photos or videos to appear on Google?

For any creator, the question of not wanting to show up on Instagram Google search results won’t even rise. But, we get it. Some of you are private people and would rather not have your posts available for the world to see. 

If that is the case, here’s how you can remove your Instagram from Google SERP:

  • Make your account private.
  • If you have linked your Instagram account to other apps or sites, withdraw access. 

Keep in mind that it’ll take Google some time to remove the pictures (yes, even if you’ve deleted your account).

You now have the answer to “my Instagram doesn’t show up on Google”

So make the most of it!

Instagram is only just beginning to become an SEO-friendly platform. Be a first mover and follow the steps we listed on how to get your Instagram to show up on Google.

And in no time, your profile will show up when someone conducts an Instagram account search on Google!

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