Instead of beating around the bush (because who has the time for that!), we’ll cut straight to the chase. 

As a creator, you want to know which influencer marketing niches will help you make it big in 2022. 

Here’s your answer. For Instagram-specific niches, swing by here. For YouTube, go here.

1. Travel 

Travel really came back with a vengeance. There is just no suppressing wanderlust, which is why the travel niche is perfect for 2022. 

Now, let’s just hope COVID doesn’t make a U-turn (we didn’t just jinx it, did we?)

Content you can create around travel

  • Luxury travel
  • Backpacking
  • Solo-travelling
  • Budget-friendly travel
  • Safety during your travels

Find the niche that is best suited for you and simply start your travel creator journey. The best part? Thanks to remote work, you don’t need to leave your 9 to 5 to start as a travel creator!

Psst: here’s a course on how to get sponsored hotels while travelling. 

2. Finance

Finance creators blew up last year, and this growth continues. Creators like @financewithsharan and @fincocktail should be your muse if you pick this influencer marketing niche. They have set the bar by creating content that makes the most complicated financial and tax facts super easy to understand! 

Sub-niches in finance that you can cover:

  • Personal finance
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Investing
  • Stocks
  • Forex

2022 is the perfect time to venture into this niche as people become more aware of generating a passive income, investing their money in the right places, and, of course, the rise of cryptocurrency

And, oh, if you need to learn how to manage your personal finances as a creator, let Ujjawal Pahwa answer you.

3. Personal development 

social media tools 2022

If you are a life coach, a practising psychologist, or a counsellor, personal development is the ideal influencer marketing niche.

Topics a mental health creator can create content on:

  • Self-improvement
  • Self-development
  • Personality improvement
  • Dealing with everyday anxiety
  • Understanding mental health

This niche tends to be crowded with creators (who are barely qualified). So make sure if you pick it, you have the background for it and provide real insight into these topics. 

When talking about personal development, it is always a nice touch to add your own stories, failures, and fears. Viewers tend to relate more when the subject is explained on a personal level.

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4. Relationships 

What is Influencer

A fun niche any creator can experiment with to grow their audience is relationships! Now, when we say “relationships,” we do not mean partners only. It embraces families you’re born with and families you choose to make. 

Several bloggers and creators are creating insanely funny and interesting content around it. Keep in mind to keep the content 100% real. Your community is more perceptive than you realise and can easily identify staged content. Don’t burn out your loved ones.Quality over quantity to be a hit in this niche! 

5. Lifestyle 

Nupur Singh’s Instagram

If you read the history of influencer marketing (it’s waaay older than you think), you’ll know lifestyle has been and always will be a popular niche. It is one of the most lucrative, yet crowded spaces

Lifestyle content is more than fashion or beauty. It can be anything you believe and live with. Our advice? Make sure to find your voice and add your personality to every piece of content you create. Experiment with different content, and styles, and ultimately find the personality that allows you to carve out a small space for yourself in the lifestyle niche. 

6. Gadgets and technology 

(Credit: @techburner)

The great thing about creating content in the “Gadgets and Technology” niche is that there are several topics and sub-topics to choose from. Reviews, end-to-end walkthroughs, hacks, and tricks on mobile phones, laptops, televisions, desktops or any other gadget are just the tip of the content iceberg.

Some sub-niche technology content creators can dabble with are computer programming, computer software, operating systems, Metaverse, and more! 

One point to remember is to cover the topics in depth. You can diversify your content into short-form and long-form depending upon the platform (brief for Instagram and in-depth for YouTube/Blog). Also, direct your audience from one platform to another. 

7. Food 

The love of our lives and often the bane of our existence. Food is really the best influencer marketing niche. It is one of the most highly watched, liked, and sought after. 

Sub-niches within food include:

  • Home-cooked meals 
  • Gourmet style food
  • Budget-friendly meals
  • Healthy meals
  • Dishes from around the world

When creating food content, cater to the geographical location of the audience. Let them know where to source ingredients from.

No limits to influencer marketing niches

Creativity has no bounds, nor should the kind of content you make. Keep expanding your horizons and experiment with new niches as a creator. Remember, the key is to be consistent and provide value to your community. Do that, and you’ll have fun doing your #thng 😉