How to make money as a content creator?

We’ve written about it a gazillion times. But given that creators wear a dozen different hats these days, there is never a dearth of new ways to earn as an influencer. 

So, here we are. Once again, helping you do your thng and more moolah.

How to make money as a young and budding content creator?

When you’re becoming an influencer, brand campaigns are the easiest way to make money online. But as you grow into a pro creator, you have to diversify because only then can you earn a living out of content creation.  

Now, we get it that monetising your content beyond social media can be daunting. It’s not if you take it a step at a time. Our first tip is to try the ideas we share in this blog. They’re simpler to start with, like doing product reviews and writing guest posts. Once, you’ve mastered them, try these

1. Make money through exclusive content

After you’ve established a loyal and engaged community online, the first way to make more money is to offer exclusive content to them. Content that is behind a paywall. For instance, a guide on fashion styling and how to go about it for 100 bucks. 

This is merely an example. Others could be BTS videos, bonus podcast episodes, and additional content like downloadable Instagram story templates if you are a graphic designer. 

Our tip? Ask your community if they’d be willing to pay for exclusive content and how much before you try it.

2. Sell photos and videos to stock sites

If there is one thing every content creator has in droves, it’s images and videos. Often of HD quality and just lying in your data bank. Sell them to stock sites like Pexels or Unsplash because every business uses stock content at one point or another!

Keep in mind that it will take some time before you can earn money from stock websites. But once you do, you can tap into the revenue stream further. 


Let’s say a brand uses one of your stock photos. You can directly contact them, introduce yourself, and upsell more of your work. 

How do you find a brand that’s downloaded your image or video? Use Google reverse image search.

3. Sell your content to people

Stock sites are not the only place you can sell your images or content. You can sell it to the average person. This is an excellent way to make money online if you are a painter, photographer, or artist of any kind. 

Just set up a Shopify store on your personal website and then promote your work. Or use Instagram or WhatsApp to sell your work.

4. Become a creator consultant to make money

Being a creator is like climbing a mountain of madness that has many little plateaus of sanity. But once you conquer it, you’ve gained a priceless quality: expertise. 

And that’s another way to make money as a content creator. Instead of making more content, you sell your experience and knowledge. Become a consultant and teach new creators how to make it big. It can be a lucrative and long-term gig.

FYI, we’re working on this feature. Soon, on DYT, you’ll be able to offer consultation services to aspiring creators through video calls. You’ll be able to set your rates for these 1-on-1 consultations and help other creators solve problems they face.

Take it up a notch. Provide brands you’ve worked with in the past with consultation on content strategies and how they can improve their ROI on influencer marketing.

5. Make and teach a course

Learning. Constant learning. That’s the life of every creator. So, why not take a bite out of it? Turn your expertise and knowledge into a course on content creation and teach others. You’ll not only earn, but also position yourself as a thought leader. Plus, courses are a great tactic to engage your followers.

Our tip? Make sure you break down each course into bite-sized modules, so they are easy to binge. And once you’ve made a course, sell it to Do Your Thng to secure that ?.

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