TL;DR: We share how to promote YouTube channel for free, including giving it a shout out on other social media.

Here’s a fun fact for you guys before we start off.

Every minute, 500 hours of new content is uploaded on YouTube. Give or take a few. That’s 12,000 hours of new content every single day! 

So, assuming that starting a YouTube channel and uploading content – even kicka$$ content – regularly is more than enough to get more views and subscribers is foolhardy. 

To succeed as a YouTuber, you must think waaaay outside the box. 

How to promote a YouTube channel without spending a penny!

There are obvious “paid” ways to promote a YouTube channel. But who wants to do that, when we’ve got some great tips and tricks for you to organically grow. 

Yes, you can get more views and subscribers without shelling out a penny. Here’s how to promote youtube channel for free!

1. Create quality content 

Before figuring out fresh new ways to promote your content, our number one suggestion is to “create content worth promoting”. If you want a successful YouTube channel that forms a community of viewers, the quality of your content is extremely important. 

Content with no real intrigue = all efforts in promoting gone down the drain. 

Use this beginner’s guide to creating the best content on YouTube and follow these seven steps:

  • Choose a content topic that truly resonates with you
  • Pen down an outline for the video, followed by a rough script
  • Set up the right kind of lighting, and background and shoot your video
  • Edit your video and make sure the edit is clean, polished and crisp
  • Upload the video at the right time
  • Choose an attractive video thumbnail 
  • Optimise your video with the right description and hashtags

2. SEO is king

Did you know YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google? That’s why you can promote your YouTube channel for free with the right keywords:

  • Optimise your video title by including the keyword
  • Use apt tags
  • Add the right hashtags in the description

Another tip on how to promote a YouTube channel in India is to use the search bar on YouTube to find the most common keywords for the video you are about to upload. Insert those keywords into your video title. 

  • Make sure to frame the title to make it catchy and easy to read.
  • Keep the description below 66 words so that Google does not cut out parts of the description. 
  • Use the description to link your other social accounts or blogs to drive traffic towards them too. 

3. Create a community that promotes the YT channel for you

People land on YouTube videos when they are looking for valid and quality information. So, another way to promote a YouTube channel for free is to engage with viewers in the comments. Set up a Community Tab on your YouTube channel. It’s an excellent way to build a community that pushes your channel for you.

4. Collaborate with other creators 

While you can use social media to promote your YouTube channel, creating content with other YouTubers is a sure-fire way to reach more people. Start by finding creators that complement your channel and content niche. Reach out to them and make your pitch and do your yhng. It’s a great way to learn new tricks of the trade and build a network.

5. Use other platforms and forums to promote your YouTube

Use other social media platforms to cross-promote your YouTube content. For instance, add your YouTube link in your Instagram bio, or if you have several links, use LinkTree. It is free, stores all your links in one place, and is super easy to use.

Or post your YouTube videos on Facebook by simply clicking on the share button below your video.

Facebook is still the biggest social media platform. Admittedly, the audience there is a little older, but the reach you will get through it is immense. That makes it the best social media to promote YouTube channel!

On Instagram, post a sneak peek of your video for free YouTube channel promotion. Use a call to action in the to direct the viewer to it. Keep in mind, you’ll need a creator or a business account to guarantee maximum reach and engagement. 

Forums like Quora can also be used to promote your YouTube channel for free. Although, some forums strictly ban promotions. In situations like this, engage with the community, find the right thread that is relevant to your content, and drop your link there. 

6. Run a contest

Honestly, the most fun way to promote your YouTube channel for free is by running contests or giveaways. Ask your viewers to do a fun prank or a brand-new dance move to get them to engage with your content and drive traffic to your channel.

Keep the contest close to your niche, and we recommend giving something to the winner, like a day with you, a hamper, or something fun and creative. 

7. Hashtags are the Bible 

Hashtags help you reach a completely new and wider set of audiences. But first, it is important to do some research on the most popular hashtags that fit your content and use them on your videos. Trending hashtags change every week, so we’d recommend regular research and checking out the competition. 

You’ve gotta promote your YouTube channel 

As one of the oldest content creation platforms, YouTube is a tough nut to crack because a lot of videos get lost in the mire. 

But, but, but sometimes it’s absolutely easy to go viral and rake in mind-boggling views and subscribers. The key is to know the right balance between quality content, cross-promotion and SEO optimisation.