How does one crack the code of earning money on the internet? Especially if you have decided to become an online content creator and do influencing as a full-time job. You can’t simply show up on the first of every month and take a paycheck home with you. 

Let us introduce you to a thing called affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Consider this: you have a few hundred or a couple of thousand followers on your social media. Your content is good, and your audience is loyal. You can monetise your following and turn your side hustle content creation into a full-blown pay-your-bills kind of job.  All you need is a good affiliate marketing website.

But wait, do you need a B-school degree to become an affiliate marketer? 

Oh no, my friend. 

Affiliate marketing is simply getting paid for every successful referral you make. It can be in the form of product sales, sign-ups to a website, or simply app installs. 

The Indian affiliate market is emerging, and now is the best time to get on board the train. So, if you are looking to get started, check out our suggestions of the best affiliate marketing websites.

8 Top affiliate marketing websites for content creators

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce store not just in the country but in the world, and they have an amazing affiliate program. It gives a commission of 0.2% to 10% on their products, depending on the category you choose. 

Signing up for the Amazon Associates program is really simple as well and can be done through your personal Amazon account. After successfully completing the signup process, you can add customised text to your links as well as add custom image links. This makes your affiliate marketing feel personal to your audience. 

One of the best things about Amazon Affiliates is that you get paid for other purchases too. So if the customer clicks on your link but buys something else, you still get a certain commission. 

Talk about a win-win situation, right? Go check out their Amazon Influencer Program. 

2. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate

Rival to Amazon, Flipkart is a great second choice for your affiliate marketing. Their payouts are a bit different as they pay more for purchases made from desktops compared to mobile. The average commission on the platform varies from 6% to 20% and depends on the product categories. 

If you want to track your progress and see how much traffic your links are getting, Flipkart has a dashboard to easily manage it. If you are a blogger and have a website, you can connect the Flipkart affiliate program with widgets and APIs to your website. 

3. V Commission 

V Commission

One of the earliest players in affiliate marketing in India, V Commission offers a lot of ways for you to earn money. From lead generation to app installs, it has a good few options. It also has its own eCommerce store roster of sites like Myntra and HomeShop18, so you can generate sales as well.

If you have a coupon website, you can even link that to V Commission and get paid for every coupon referral. That is pretty neat, in our opinion. One thing to keep in mind is that the minimum payout for the V Commission is $100. So if you have a really tiny audience, you might have to wait a while for the money to come in.

4. eBay Partners Program

eBay Partners Program

eBay is one of the most diverse marketplaces imaginable. From vintage collectibles to housing properties, you can find anything and everything on it. This is a dream for any affiliate marketer, as you can pick and choose according to your niche and what your audience might find useful.

eBay Partners gives you a Partner Network tool that will help you manage your links, promote the listing on eBay, and track your payouts. There are no special rules, and oh, and there’s a get paid double for the first three months scheme. 

Who would turn down more money, right?

5. ShopClues Affiliates

ShopClues Affiliates

ShopClues is an Indian eCommerce store that has been standing tall among giants like Amazon and Flipkart. Giving highly discounted items, ShopClues has become the go-to website for cheap and affordable items. This makes affiliate marketing for ShopClues much easier. 

You can earn anythingfrom 5% to 11%,  based on product and category. If you have a fashion blog, then ShopClues Wednesday Super Save Bazaar and Sunday Flea Market are two weekly opportunities to promote new items. 

6. ShareASale Affiliates

ShareASale Affiliates

ShareASale is a marketplace for merchants that offer a diverse range of services and products. You can work with brands and choose products that interest you, or simply choose products catering to your audience and niche. The choice is seemingly endless. 

ShareASale has a digital as well as a standard payment system. Making it easy for you to choose how you want to get paid. A little heads up, though, as setting up an affiliate account with ShareASale is a little complex. We will advise you to be patient and take your time with the registration. 

7. Shopify Affiliate

Shopify Affiliate

One of the newest players in affiliate marketing is Shopify. It is an eCommerce software that you can personally integrate into your blog or website if you have merch to sell. So, not only can you sell your own merchandise but also other products. Doubling your earning potential.

For the first two months, for every successful referral you generate, you get paid up to $600 if the referral signs up for a standard plan. And get this: for every enterprise Shopify plus subscription obtained through your referral, you will receive a 100% commission.That means a payday of $2000!! 

Money eye emojis are going off in the background, aren’t they? Read their FAQs to find out if you can apply or not.

8. Yatra Affiliates

Yatra Affiliates

While most affiliate programs sell products, with Yatra you can sell experiences. If you are a travel content creator, sign up for their affiliate program. It is simple, and the payouts are regular. Your affiliate marketing journey is immediately active with Yatra, so you can start right away. 

Generate with affiliate marketing websites

With these affiliate marketing websites, you are good to go on your journey to generate  extra income. With enough dedication and commitment, you can even turn that income into a serious cash flow. 

There are a few things to keep in mind, though. 

  • You always have to be on top of your game and know what’s best for your blog or your social media audience. 
  • Be aware of the needs of your potential customers and remember that it’s promoting, not selling.
  • You don’t want to come off as a sleazy salesman trying to shove a product down your customer’s throats. And if your niche isn’t the right fit, there will be no sale in the first place. Think of it this way – why will an audience that consists of men buy women’s beauty products. 
  • Disclose that you are an affiliate of the product or website you are promoting.

Keep doing your thng, and whenever you stumble upon a roadblock, we are just a click away!

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