Before we dive into Instagram SEO, let’s get our basics right.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of improving your visibility or reach on a search engine (say, Google). When someone searches for a word like “how to optimise Instagram bio,” SEO determines where you will rank in the search results. 

These words people search for are called keywords. Needless to say, it is extremely essential to use relevant keywords.

Because people also use Instagram to search for things like recipes, places to travel, outfits to wear, home decor (and a gazillion other things), Instagram SEO has become crucial. 

It is possible to increase the discoverability of your profile by optimising it for Instagram algorithm and ranking metrics. 


Don’t be, we are here to anchor your ship! 

Let’s begin with the basics. Have you noticed how Instagram has recently introduced a feature wherein you can search for any word? That’s your foundation on how you make sure more people discover your account.

Instagram Search

(credit: Instagram)

Tips for improving Instagram SEO

The new feature makes it imperative to optimise your Instagram profile to guarantee that your account lands on top. So, let’s take you through some of the tips and tricks that will enable you to improve your Instagram SEO and make you more discoverable. 

1. Improve the searchability of your Instagram profile

Instagram Search is an easy way to look up accounts on Instagram. All you need to do is type a word or hashtag in the search pane, and Instagram will come up with several accounts containing that search word. 

Hence, it is very much possible to show up in the search for a keyword. Here’s how. 

  • In your Instagram name and username, include the keyword you want your profile to rank for. Not just that, you can even include that word as a part of your Instagram bio description or name field. They are both easily customizable and searchable. 
  • You can even add clickable hashtags in your Instagram Bio to come up in the search results whenever that hashtag is searched for. 

Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? For more bio hacks, go here

2. Make your captions descriptive

Not only does Instagram decide what to display on search results based on your name, username, and Instagram bio, it also takes that decision based on the words that you use in your caption.

Instagram uses a machine-learning algorithm known as word-embedding, wherein it scans your name, username, bio, and captions for relevant keywords. 

Wait, there’s more.

Your search appearances are also a function of the kind of content people follow, like, and comment on. To put it simply, the Instagram algorithm is designed to give you more of what you want to see. So, your posts are more likely to show up in the searches of the segment of users that engage with the kind of content you create.

It is therefore important that you make sure that every bit of your profile, even your captions, describes your content well to optimise your discoverability. When your captions are descriptive and have the right keywords, it is more likely that your profile will pop up in the explore feed of people who have previously expressed an interest in a similar keyword. 

Amazing, isn’t it? Instagram works in its own unique and mysterious ways!  

3. Make use of relevant hashtags

One of the oldest yet easiest ways to increase Instagram discoverability is through the use of relevant and right hashtags. Targeted hashtags are undisputedly one of the most sure-shot ways of gathering more engagement for your profile. 

If you have a public Instagram account, and you have added a given hashtag to your post, then your post will be visible on the relevant hashtag’s page along with the other posts containing the same hashtag. 

Play around with hashtags and create a hashtag that is symbolic of a particular kind of content that you post. Not only does this improve your search appearance and reach, but it also helps with community building and ongoing campaigns. 

Isn’t this enough of a reason to go have fun with those hashtags already? 

4. Use the alt text feature 

Not long ago, Instagram introduced the Alt-Text feature that allows you to add customizable Alternative Text describing your picture. The feature enables you to hear the description of photos and was primarily designed keeping in mind the visually impaired audience. 

It uses object recognition technology to generate an alternative text based on the contents of the picture and allows the audience to hear the list of items that may be present in the picture. 

It’s also a great way to improve your Instagram SEO. How cool is that? 

To see and edit alt text for a photo before you post it on Instagram, tap on Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen before posting. That’s it! You have your customizable alt caption ready. 

5. Get tagged

Another great way to increase your Instagram discoverability is by getting tagged or mentioned by other people. Not only does it help boost your reach and presence on Instagram, but it also boosts your credibility as a content creator. 

It is no secret that the easiest way to get people to tag or mention you is to create shareable content that people would like to share with their followers. That way, people can easily hop on to your profile and browse other content created by you.

These clickable links to posts can prove to be instrumental in your Instagram discovery journey by leading to an increase in your appearance on the audience’s explore feed. In fact, sharing other people’s posts via stories was one of the biggest Instagram trends.

Go try these Instagram SEO tricks to optimise your profile!

That’s it! 

These were five of our top tips to improve Instagram SEO and the visibility of your profile. You can start by experimenting with the ones you find the most convenient, and then gradually proceed to using all of them and see them work wonders for your Instagram presence.