The first impression is the last impression’. The title of your blog article is indeed the first impression that people have about your blog post. Consider visiting a party where the host himself seems to be the least interesting. Will the party seem to be of any interest? No right? Similarly, if you don’t write a catchy headline, people will not find your post interesting. They won’t be attracted to open and read it. 

There are over 2 million blog posts published daily. How would you ensure that people visit your blogs from this list? Incorporating catchy and relevant headlines is what makes it easy for your blogs be on the higher rank and to get the most open rates amongst all the blogs.

A catchy headline must have the 4 U’s :

  1. Urgency: Your headline must have a sense of urgency so that people are eager and interested to read your blog further. 
  2. Uniqueness: People won’t engage much with the same generic content. Tweak your headline and add a unique element to it.
  3. Useful: Your headline must give the reason to open up your blog article. Tell the readers how your blog article is worthy and useful for them.
  4. Ultra-specific: The headline must represent what your blog article is all about. Add some statistics and names is always a go ahead!

Your headline should be such that it not only increases the click rates but also should communicate what your blog article is all about. Remember that blog titles with 6-13 words get the maximum amount of traffic and hits.

Here are a few easy tricks to write catchy headlines for your blog article easily –

1. Know your audience

Research your audience. Who you are targetting and who is interested in the content similar to what you are planning to write. Think what blog article headlines you yourself will find interesting. 

Also, consider what kind of content is trending and what people are looking for at a particular time. 

2. Search for Keywords

It’s important to know what people are searching for while looking up for a specific topic related to yours and to know the search volume of those keywords that are up in your mind for your blog. What’s required is to search for the high rank and most searched keywords and incorporate it into your headlines. Keyword search isn’t a big task and it’s even easier with tools like Keyword Planner and Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tool.

With Google Keyword Planner, you can look for the suggested keywords associated with the URLs of the related topics or associated with the ones that are in your mind. It gives you a complete analysis of the average search of the keywords and their competition level with the others.

Eg: If you are writing a blog on how to be a successful influencer, you can search which of the keywords associated with this are most searched for and hence incorporate the same into your headline.

Search for Keywords write catchy headline

3. Seo Optimize

Ensure that your headline is Seo Optimized. Add in the focus keyword and the other important keywords that your competitors are using and the ones that are trending in your industry. Try using the keywords with low and medium competition in order to have a more relevant and useful audience.

4. Create Intrigue

Always leave the reader wanting for more! Your headline should be a clear hint of what your blog article is ‘about’ but not what it’s ‘all about’. Leave the reader with a little suspense so that he comes and reads your blog article to find out more.

5. Use numbers

Numbers are the game turners. As per the statistics, the blog articles with numbers in their headlines, generate 73% more social shares and engagement as compared to the ones without them. Also, as per the studies, the brain seems to believe odd numbers more than the even nos. You might even see many of the blog article headlines with no. ‘7’. Such headlines generate 20% more click-through rates than the other ones. 

Use numbers write catchy headline

6. Include Rationales and Connect Emotionally

Rationale simply is the reason why something should be done. Give people a strong reason to read your blog article. Some of the rationales that you can use are Tips, Tricks, Ways, Lessons, Ideas, Facts, etc.

An emotional connect also be a great rationale for your content.

7. Divide into 2 parts

Divide your headline into 2 parts using the hyphen or colon. Statistics tell that the headlines with hyphen and colon account for 9% higher click-through rates.

Now, once you have decided on your headline, it’s important to check its relevance, worthiness, and ranking. It’s quite easy with tools like CoSchedule headline analyzer. It gives you a complete analysis of what may be good and bad for your headlines. A headline with a score greater than 70 is considered to be a good headline.  Just tweak accordingly and you are ready to go. 

write catchy headline Divide into 2 parts

You are now ready to top the rankings and have better results with your catchy headline in just a few minutes!

Image courtesy: Google, Coschedule, Google Keyword Planner

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