TL;DR: Food, pets, memes, lifestyle, travel, parenting and fashion are some of the fastest growing Instagram niches content creators can use to make money online!

If you are new to the influencer world, things are likely as clear as a foggy January morning. That’s why we built DYT (and now DYT Pro), to make it easier for you to make a living out of content creation. So, first, here’s a whole guide on how to become an influencer

Now that’s out of the way, we pick the most important part of starting as a content creator – the niche. Your niche is something you’re passionate about and want the world to know. It’s crucial to pick a niche that is close to your heart and that you know well. With that in mind, we compiled a list of the fastest growing Instagram niches you can choose from. 

Instagram niche 1: food and cooking

Food and cooking is a niche that you just can’t go wrong with because most people are foodies. Plus, food photos are often the prettiest. From sharing recipes to just offering tricks on how to make cooking easy, there’s plenty to explore.

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Instagram niche 2: memes,

Memes are how we communicate these days. Even Boomers know what a meme is nowadays, which is why it is the fastest-growing content niche on Instagram. As they say, a picture can say 1000 words and a meme about 10,000!

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Instagram niche 3: parenting

Like memes, parenting is an unconventional Instagram niche to make money, but one that pays off in droves. If you’re a mom or a dad, this niche has a lot of potential, as parents access Instagram daily to get tips and tricks.

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Instagram niche 4: health & fitness

Your body is your temple, and people around the world are waking up to this truth every day, which is why health and fitness are one of the most profitable Instagram niches for content creators. There is a condition attached if you pick it as a niche. Make sure you truly believe and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle or being active. 

Creators who fake it don’t make it. And if you think you’ll be any different, here is a reality check. When you have to spend countless hours sweating to create content around a topic you don’t love or believe in, it gets old real fast. 

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Instagram niche 5: lifestyle

We know. We know. Lifestyle is really done and dusted. But hear us out. Lifestyle can be more than #OOTD and selfies. It can be a practical Instagram niche for budding content creators if, and it is a big if, you lead a hatke lifestyle. 

Say, you prefer to volunteer for NGOs every weekend. That’s a lifestyle. Share content around it and inspire others to do so. Or you’re working your way to finding alternatives to plastics we use in daily life. That’s another lifestyle choice; make it your niche. 

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Instagram niche 6: making money online

If there is one thing everyone wants to know more about, then it’s making money online. For those who are an expert on it or have learnt how to earn money through content creation the hard way, this niche would be ideal for you. 

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Instagram niche 7: pets

We can never get enough cute cat and puppy photos. We repeat. Never. So, if you have a pet at home and love them to bits, it’s a fantastic idea to make an Instagram profile for them. But how do you make money from this niche? By collaborating with brands like Heads Up For Tails. And, oh, we promise, the engagement will be through the roof. 

Instagram niche 8: fashion

Like lifestyle, fashion is a common niche Instagram influencers pick. But there is a reason for it. Making money through fashion content is easy because people are always on the lookout for new dresses, accessories, and more. Why? Because humans care about their appearance. At least most do (writes this intern while sitting in sweats with more holes than fabric).

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Instagram niche 9: beauty & care

The beauty niche on Instagram is massive, which makes it a double-edged sword for growing content creators. On one hand, you can share tons of content, from without makeup looks to product reviews. On the other hand, the competition is fierce, so standing out from the crowd is hard. Our advice? Give beauty and care your own spin, and followers will automatically follow. 

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Instagram niche 10: travel

Travel is in our souls. That’s why we picked it as the last niche content creators can try on Instagram. It never goes out of fashion, and after the pandemic, it has come back with a vengeance. 

Fair warning, tho: travel is an expensive niche, even when you do budget travel. That said, the content opportunities are endless, such as complete travel itineraries, iconic shots of iconic places, offbeat travel, experiential trips, and more.  

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