“We are living in the age of technology.” 

This is probably one of the most popular sentences we’ve heard in the past two decades. 

Technology is evolving at the speed of light, and it is definitely getting harder for us to catch up. Which is why we often turn our heads towards the internet and give technology a chance to explain itself. 

With the rise of the creator economy (again thanks to tech), we have a better source for answers: tech influencers in India.

With their quirky Reels, easy-to-understand language, fun comparisons, and a super detailed breakdown of each piece of trending technology, tech influencers have made life much easier! 

Tech influencers in India that you’d love to follow

Technology content creators are a growing niche in India, with each popular influencer carving their own niche and with their own unique style of explaining the most complex concepts easily. 

So, we round-up the top tech influencers from India you must follow in 2023. Read on and stalk our tech heroes to be one step ahead of the future! 

1. Ruhez Amrelia ( @technoruhez )


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Looking for authentic and super-informative content? Ruhez is your guy! Ruhez is one of the very few tech content creators who review gadgets that are affordable for his audience. He gives honest reviews with detailed explanations on his YouTube channel.

For all you Hindi-speaking folks, you will love Ruhez’s videos as they are in Hindi. Keeping content in a regional language is one of the reasons his audience finds him easy to relate to/

He has collaborated with some of the biggest technology brands and created unboxing videos, reviewed their gadgets, and even compared two or three similar models so that his audience can make an informed decision. 

2. Shlok Srivastava ( @techburner )


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Shlok is one of the biggest names in the tech influencer niche in India today. The major reason behind his popularity is his humour and how he channels that into his reviews. That is one thing we can learn from Mr Techburner. No matter how complicated the topic is, it is always great to use humour to engage your audience and keep them hooked on your videos. 

Shlok reviews gadgets ranging from smartphones to cameras, laptops, watches, and has nearly 8 million followers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Instagram. A fun fact about Shlok is that he always runs a personal YouTube channel where he uploads his travel vlogs, game streaming, and more.

3. Gaurav Chaudhary ( @technicalguruji ) 


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With 2.3 million followers on Instagram and over 20.9 million subscribers on YouTube, Gaurav Chaudhary needs no elaborate introduction. He is one of the most popular names in the tech influencer niche and is loved by his followers for his simple explanation of gadgets. His followers are from across the world, and we bet you have come across one of his videos before. 

4. Ranjit Kumar ( @geekyranjitofficial )


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Ranjit Kumar is another popular tech influencer from India. He is truly devoted to empowering his followers and viewers with apt technical knowledge and helping them understand terms and aspects of different gadgets. There is always something new and interesting to learn in his unboxing videos or his review videos. His detailed reviews are our favourite, go watch one now.

5. Hitesh Kumar ( @technicaldostofficial )


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Hitesh is a fan-favourite tech influencer from India, with over 82k followers on Instagram and 1.95 million subscribers on YouTube. He makes tech and gadgets super fun, with his quirky comedy seamlessly mixed with tech reviews in his YouTube videos. His detailed reviews contain every little aspect of a gadget and also help his audience understand the best gadget within their budget. Fun Fact: He is now spreading his wings into the fitness influencer world too.

6. Manoj Saru ( @manojsaru )


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Manoj’s Youtube channel’s name precedes his popularity. We’re sure you must have come across his YouTube Technology Gyan at some point. With over 604k followers on Instagram and 10.7 million subscribers on YouTube, Manoj is one of the big names in the tech influencer universe. 

He is known for his up-to-date reviews with fact-checked and proper information regarding different gadgets. He is also a great inspiration for newbie tech content creators who aim to make it big. 

7. Yogi Yogendra ( @technicalyogi )

From smartphones to laptops to cutting-edge gadgets, Yogi has reviewed them all on YouTube. He reviews and compares different gadgets so that his followers/subscribers can fully grasp which gadget is best for them, and make the right decision. Another great content type that Yogi produces is how-to make money videos. He used his follower base to help people generate passive income through YouTube and other such platforms. 

Tech influencers in India are growing. Are you one?

With Web 3.0 on our horizon, more and more people will turn to tech influencers to understand the new world better. This is a great time to start your journey as one and slowly build your audience with authentic and easy-to-understand content. 

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