We’re sure most of us have wondered at some point why some people are verified on Instagram and others don’t. 

Honestly, at first, we thought all famous people had a blue tick on their profile, but that thought was yanked out rather swiftly. 

What is the mystery behind this blue tick after all?

In Instagram’s own words, the blue tick is for people who are deemed to be “authentic and notable” by Instagram. It is for people who have managed to stand out on the platform. 

Sounds like an impressive feat, doesn’t it? 

It is safe to say that since Instagram bestows its precious verification badge only on people who have truly made a mark on the audience, they enjoy perks that other people don’t. Well, everyone could get verified on Instagram if it were a piece of cake. 

What are the benefits of being verified on Instagram?

We could go on and on, but to summarise:Instagram verification of a creator is no less than an Oscar for an actor (and no, we’re not exaggerating). Not only does it imply a manifold increase in the credibility and authenticity of an account, but it also means a greater reach on the platform. 

The Instagram algorithm is created in such a way that it tends to promote the content posted by verified accounts, since it considers a verified account to “represent a well-known, highly searched-for person, brand, or entity.” 

The social media platform favours its verified users by giving them a spot in the top searches related to their/similar usernames. 

Need we say more, or are you already sold? 

Tips on how to get the precious blue tick on Instagram 

Now, let’s get to the most important part of this blog. How does one get verified on Instagram? We’ve listed some of our top tips to earn the highly coveted Instagram verification badge. Let’s get started!

1. Only apply when you’re ready

Even though Instagram has no restrictions on who can apply for verification, in terms of the number of posts and followers, creators should only apply when they feel that they are ready for it. It is important to build credentials and establish your brand with a certain number of loyal followers. Think about the things that make you stand out on this platform and why you deserve the blue tick before starting the process. 

2. Establish a presence on other platforms as well

Before you ask. Yes, it is definitely a plus if one enjoys popularity not just on Instagram, but on other platforms as well. It adds even more value to your application if you have a loyal fan base across multiple platforms and will take you a long way on your road to the Instagram blue tick. 

3. Make it to the media

We’re sure you have heard of influencers who have made it to the headlines. Say, Diipa Khosla who recently made it to Vogue’s 50 most influential global Indians, or Kusha Kapila who made it to Hindustan Times with her interview where she talks about the downside of being an influencer and her struggle with self-doubt. A media appearance will work wonders for your blue tick quest! 

4. Get creative with your content

Finally, we come to the most important aspect of getting verified – your Instagram presence. It is essential that you make the most of it by getting creative with your content and posting it consistently. Writing cheeky captions, using creative hashtags, and regularly engaging with your audience via comments and stories can take you a long way as a creator, and will prove to be extremely essential in getting you verified on Instagram. 

Steps to apply for Instagram verification

Step 1: 

Once you log in to your account, visit your profile page and click on the bar on the top right and click on Settings.

Step 2:

Click on the account and then go to request verification.

Step 3:

Fill out the application for account verification. Make sure that you are honest about your identity and personal information, or else Instagram will not grant you verification. In some cases, false information may even result in the deletion of an account by Instagram.  

Fill out details about your full name, known as, or alias that you identify with, and the category that you deem fit for your account.

Next, upload a photocopy of your ID, and that’s it! You can then send your application to Instagram for review. 

Note that there’s no deadline on when Instagram will reply to an application. In the event of rejection, one cannot apply before 30 days of receiving a notice of rejection of the verification request. 

We hope that we made your blue tick journey easier. All the best!