TL;DR: A short list of upcoming Instagram influencers that we think will rule 2023 and beyond thanks to content that nothing short of genius and genuine.

When influencers come up, we most often hear the same old names. Deservedly so, given the effort these creators put behind their content. But we often forget the smaller creators, small only because their following is modest, their content is still as professional.

Larger than life, we are in awe of the content these creators put up everyday. It’s nothing short of genius. So, today we give a shout out to these upcoming influencers who are hitting the right chord  and will gain more popularity in 2023

Who are the upcoming influencers gaining popularity in 2023?

Check out these nano and micro-influencers that are ready to enter the league of big names on Instagram in 2023

Tanya Gupta

Tanya is a fashion blogger with 9.8k followers on Instagram. Her pictures ooze perfection and expertise. And her exotic beauty adds extra stars to an already perfect feed. She also won the Cosmo India Emerging Fashion Influencer Of The Year Under 10k in the year 2021. 

 Disha Motwani


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Disha is a fashion and lifestyle influencer, dominating the social media world with her creative reels. Her account is a cocktail of styling videos, makeup tutorials, and entertainment reels. She recently reached a milestone of 50k followers on Instagram.

Gautam Manchandani

Gautam is a man of many talents. Along with being a full-time fashion influencer, he is also studying law currently. His feed is vibrant, seamless, and quirky. But Gautam’s speciality lies in creating classy, glamorous looks. This Delhi blogger right now has 30.7k followers on Instagram. 

Diya Basu

Diya is bold, fearless, and a proud NIFTian from the 2021 batch. And this reflects in her IG account, which currently has around 12K followers. At present, she’s also running her own styling page @g.odlyculture.  

Cipia Artul


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A fashion blogger turned entrepreneur and a member of the Myntra styling squad, Cipia is a real-life example of a superwoman. She has 37.7k followers on Instagram and is also the owner of two fashion houses: House of Dhriti and Artul’s Closet. Her IG feed has a mixture of fashion, makeup and skincare, three things she loves the most. 

Suvansh Patnaik


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Suvansh stands out amongst the league of influencers because of his unique videos combining information with entertainment. He shares financial knowledge that people from all walks of life must know. Part of his content style is the career diagnosis of successful entrepreneurs to inspire his audience. Less an account and more an infotainment page, his Instagram has already crossed 28k followers. 

Shreyasi Sarkar

Shreyasi’s Instagram bio says “collecting unfiltered moments” and this accurately sums up what you will find on her feed. She’s a travel enthusiast who likes capturing beauty through her lens. If you are looking for suggestions on some amazing travel destinations, check out her IG page, which currently has 70k followers.


Soumya is a living example of “beauty with brains”. She is a dentist by profession and a lifestyle blogger. Her pretty flat lays and minimalist self-portraits make her feed a beautiful sight for sore eyes. Soumya’s follower count has reached 10k and is growing every day. 

Swetha Ravindran


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Swetha is a graphic designer, content creator, fashion blogger, and travel geek. She frequently shares her opinion on beauty and cosmetic products on her feed too. Her vibrant portraits got her 10.2k followers on Instagram.

Simran Anand


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Simran excels at every role she takes, whether it is being a fashion stylist or an economist. Her feed shows how much she loves styling. This Delhi blogger’s Instagram account is going strong at present. 

Munchy Pixels

Munchy Pixels is a love child of Sneha and Neeraj, two adorable people from Mumbai. This IG account (with 7k followers) is filled with colour as well as delicious flat lays of food. Neeraj and Sneha also have individual pages with the following handles @unsettledcompass and @hasutales respectively. 

Kavita Taneja

Food and product styling are Kavita’s passions. And she shares it with the world via her Instagram account. She is a photographer from Delhi who excels at making everything look delicious.

Anupriya DG

Travelling, flat-lay styling, fashion tutorials, junk journaling: Anupriya does it all. She also owns a clothing line called @howrahbridgeclothing and an art page with the name @arterybyhb. Not just this, she loves reading and collecting stationery as well. Her follower count touched a significant number a while ago. 


Drishty’s Instagram is all about food, art, and her passion for product styling. She is the founder of two other pages, @mycollabstory and @giveawayorganizers.

What can you learn from upcoming influencers of 2023? 

As a new creator, you can learn a great deal by analysing the accounts of these influencers, who are gaining popularity at high speed with each passing day. Thankfully, we keep publishing IG analyses of experienced creators that you can check out for tips and tricks. Well then, go ahead, check them out and get inspired by their amazing content strategy!