Can you make a living out of content creation? The answer is hell yes, if you look at Mridul Sharma’s Instagram.

The YouTuber, based in Mumbai, began  her channel in 2015, and there’s been no looking back. She’s collaborated with the likes of Faces Canada and even started her own lifestyle and apparel business. At just 24 years of age, that’s quite an accomplishment. So, we dive into Mridul’s Instagram handle for content tips that budding creators should follow. 

Content tips from Mridul Sharma’s Instagram account to replicate

Social media bios are important. They can make or break your ability to grow your online community. So, there’s definitely a right way to write them (for tips, swing by here). One look at Mridul’s bio, and you have your first content tip for Instagram. 

Pay attention to your bio

Include all your accounts in the bio. For Mridul, those are her YouTube channel and the three businesses she runs. FYI, she is not the only influencer to turn into an entrepreneur. If you want to take the plunge and are looking for inspiration, we’ve got a list of them.

Coming back to the social media bio, remember to add your location (brands love to know it) and what you do. Because Mridul’s niche spans fashion, makeup, DIY, travel, lifestyle, and more, she simply writes it down as “video creator.”

Hop on to trends

Be it YouTube or Instagram, Mridul’s content is fun, vibrant, and easy-going. It’s her personal brand, voice, and tone, and she sticks to it everywhere. Even when she is hopping onto trends like viral Reels audio, sounds, and songs. But she puts her own spin on them. 

That’s your takeaway here. There’s no harm in following trends (or not). But when you do, be true to your personality. Want inspiration? Take a look at Mridul’s version of “Doobey.”


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Balance organic and paid content

There are a lot of things you should not do on Instagram. But the biggest one is not to make your feed a litany of #ad posts. They make you seem like a sell-out, someone more interested in earning moolah than helping their community. 

That’s the next content tip to take away from Mridul’s handle. Pay close attention to her posts, and you’ll notice she alternates between sponsored content and organic content. This is crucial to keeping the audience engaged. 

And, oh, an additional content tip is to always tag collaborations and campaigns as #ads, as Mridul does. It’s an ASCI rule. But that’s secondary. More importantly, by tagging a post as “sponsored,” you’re transparent with your community, and that makes you more genuine. 

Keep your followers up to date

Want to grow your Instagram page? Be consistent with your content. It’s a golden rule we repeat every day to the DYT community. However, life bleeds in, and there are times when you cannot keep up. When that happens, take a cue from Mridul. Inform your followers. It’s the best Instagram tip you’ll ever need. 


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A content schedule to post regularly

Continuing with the topic of consistency, we pick a question every creator wonders about. How often should you post on social media? The answer is – however often you can keep up. If that’s 3 posts a month, then go for it. If it’s 3 posts a week, then go for that. 

The bottom line is to create a content schedule that suits you. A look at Mridul’s Instagram handle proves it. She doesn’t publish every day. In August 2021, she made just 4 posts.  In November, there were more, and in December there were four again.  Yet, she has amassed a following of 142K people. 

The takeaway? Find a posting consistency that you can actually follow, instead of randomly picking a massive number like 2 posts a day. 

Visually plan your Instagram feed

See the screen-grab of Mridul’s Instagram below? Notice the red, blue, and yellow borders on 3 of the images in the grid? 

That’s a great way to bring some visual consistency to your content, and like her, you can match the caption to the post. And we all know that the hardest part of content creation is writing a bang-on caption. 

Pay attention to YouTube

Instagram is the hot place to be right now. It’s where brand collaborations happen. It’s where most users live. That said, don’t sleep on YouTube. It has more ways a creator can earn, and it offers more valuable content to your community. 

Plus, once you have a YouTube fanbase, getting them to follow you to another platform is easy. Mridul is a quintessential example of it. YouTube is her primary channel with over 425K followers, and she promotes it even on Instagram (check out the YT link in her bio).

The last content tip from Mridul Sharma’s Instagram

The one thing we love about the creator community is just that. It’s a community forever supporting each other. It’s not a competition. Mridul posting about Aanam C’s beauty line Wearified stands testament. That’s the learning we leave you with – be supportive of your fellow creators. 


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