We don’t judge a book by its cover, right? Yeah, I wish it were that simple.  Subconsciously, we always do. At least on Instagram, where the cover is an appealing Instagram grid.

It’s a visual medium. So at the end of the day, we follow and engage with content that looks the best to us. It happens every time, and it happens quickly. All it takes is 3-5 seconds of our attention to decide if we are pressing the follow button or not. 

Why should you care about an attractive Instagram profile?

You can be the best copywriter in the world and come up with kicka$$ captions. But if the images aren’t appealing, no one’s going to open them and read what’s inside. It’s a psychological game. 

Your profile has to be attractive enough to get the audience hooked right away. People take a moment or two to judge your bio and profile picture. Then they immediately scroll down to your grid. 

And that’s where you either score or miss.

A visually appealing Instagram grid will ensure users who discover you convert into followers. If you don’t know how to visually plan your Instagram grid, fret not. There are some simple things you can do. It doesn’t take much time once you get the hang of it, and when you start putting in some effort, doing your thing gets easier and easier.

Raise the level of your Instagram grid layout

Always have a content strategy.

Instagram used to be about uploading our selfies or showing off our new emo haircuts. Not any more. If you are promoting your brand, or your own content, you need to be smart about what you upload. 

That’s how you plan an appealing Instagram grid layout. More than what you choose to upload, it’s also about the #thngs you choose not to. 

1. Upload pictures in batches of 3s

Three is the key, my friend. Since Instagram’s grid shows images in stacks of three, you should upload pictures that form a pattern in them. You can also make it look like the grid forms a frame around your image. Go big or small with this, it doesn’t matter. It’s your creativity, so let it be free. 

You have the choice to design your grid by focusing on one row or two, or even three at a time.

Want to highlight one image in particular? Keep the first and third image in a row black or white. The middle one can then be your picture of choice, making it the centre of attention. This is a great way to plan the grid if you like photography or want your images to catch people’s attention.

2. Pick a colour palette

Right off the bat, it’s not about what’s in the picture, but what colour the picture is. Red is for hot and blue is for cold. That sort of thing. For the initial split second, the shade, and hue is what grabs the attention. 

It also acts as a birds-eye view for the person scrolling through your profile. The colour you choose will decide the kind of vibe the grid gives. And whether the person scrolling wants to roll with that or not.

So, it is important to choose a colour palette.  Our advice? Pick something that you love and has meaning for you.

Obviously, you do not have to restrict yourself to one colour at all. You can experiment with one for a while and then switch to something different. You can even couple colours that complement each other.

For instance, a travel influencer can post photos that are colour graded to give off wintery vibes. Use an orange hue for autumn and something else for summer. You get the..uh…picture. 

3. Alternate the style of your photos

Alternating the types of pictures you post is a great way to keep things fresh. You should try and maintain some form of consistency with this, so even though things are fresh, there is still a sense of what to expect from you. Keep things on-brand for you. Your aesthetics are what helps followers identify you, so don’t stray too far from them. 

5. Have a consistent editing scheme

A great way to make your Instagram grid layout stunning is editing your content. The native Instagram editor has become quite good now, so you can use it or editing apps like Lightroom or Snapseed. The higher the quality of your pictures, the better engagement they can see.

Get on that Instagram grid and let us know how it goes

Transform your Instagram grid into a damn rainbow. Play with colour and explore layouts. There is no specific handbook for aesthetics, so try to experiment and see what sticks. Slow or fast, thngs do catch on. 

Patience, my friend. #thngs will work out if you are willing to give it time. 

Also, a parting pro-tip

Plan and schedule your posts well in advance. If work and other commitments get in the way of posting, use a scheduler app to help you post a picture (or three pictures!) right on the dot. Timing is everything, and don’t forget to have fun and do your thng!

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