What content tips can we decode from an Instagram handle that has no grey areas to it? Plenty is the answer. 

Most people who follow Mallika Dua would agree that her online presence echoes impeccable sarcasm, unabashed and honest opinions, and an undying sense of both satirical and nonsensical humour. On top of that, her followers get to witness Mallika’s most relatable self in her extremely exuberant and warm home, which is no less than a treat to the eyes!  

Scrolling Through Mallika Dua’s Instagram For 4 Content Tips

Mallika’s content is not just a display of blatant honesty and comedy but also her innate passion for aesthetics, which is apparent in everything from the furniture to the wallpapers. So, let’s take you through what separates her from the ever-increasing crowd on Instagram (apart from her being the internet’s beloved “didi”), and how she continues to win hearts even after six long years of content creation. 

Authentic and honest content pays

In addition to being the queen of satire, the comedian is also known for her opinionated self. Mallika never shies away from expressing controversial opinions on social issues and is unapologetically transparent in the messages that she communicates through her content. 

A staunch proponent of feminism, Mallika can often be seen expressing her disdain over prevailing sexism in the comedy industry. In addition, she has on many occasions called out the corrupt tendencies of government, and other injustices prevailing in the society. 

The takeaway: Be unfiltered and unmuted in your content. Like Mallika, believe in staying true to yourself, even if it means staying away from the whirlpool of Instagram trends. 

Relatability will win you followers

Well, let’s admit it. The comfort of working from home has made us lazy when it comes to looking at our most presentable selves. So, it is only natural to feel better when we see everyone around us doing the same, even a social media star! Mallika’s followers get to witness her most raw personality, through her content and her physical disposition. 

The star has it in her to make you burst out in hysterical laughter with the funniest filters and vocabulary. But what’s better is her undone hair, morning face, and comfiest pyjamas. Those are a few of our favourite things about her! 

The takeaway: Keep your content relatable. Like Mallika, be vocal about things. For her, it is struggling with mental health. She tries to put her community at ease by highlighting the importance of unwinding realistically, without indulging in blind optimism. 

Leverage your inherent nature to make content

The high morals of Mallika’s personality are not just apparent from her solid stance on various topics of socio-economic interest. Yes, they shine brightly through her comical content and make her an absolute favourite amongst the audience. 

But, they are also on display in her supreme regard and unconditional love for her family and friends. She is often seen creating some really cute content with her nephew, and the sheer joy of it is apparent in her eyes.

The takeaway: Bring out your personality, voice and beliefs in your content. Like Mallika, if that means playing dress-up with a little munchkin and twinning in identical night-sets, do it. It always makes us go “aww!” when Mallika and her nephew do. 

Never forget to explore other niches

Mallika’s comic timing has won the hearts of many. But if you look at her content, you can’t help but notice her exquisite taste in interiors. It is apparent in every nook and corner of her house. The warm tones of her home, minimal vintage furniture, beautiful and crisp bed sheets, everything about the place screams the passion and vibe. 

In fact, the push from her followers and industry friends has led to her starting the page “decordidi” which is specifically dedicated to interiors. How cool is that! 

The takeaway: never limit your content to just one topic or niche. Like Mallika, feel free to explore other areas. For her, that meant moving from comedy to home decor. And it worked!

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