Problems content creators face. For something seemingly so simple, the answer to it is awfully long and complicated. 

Creating content is hard. What you see on social media is far from reality. It takes work, creativity, an ardent desire to create, and most importantly, patience (a lot of it).

For years, people didn’t have an inkling of the innumerable problems content creators battled. But after COVID-19, when every other person hopped onto the content creation bandwagon, people finally woke up to the problems of creators.

So, if you’re a budding creator or someone stuck with creators-block, take a moment to read this.  

The 7 major problems of content creators face 


1. Generating quality content

If words had weight, then that single phrase would anchor a ship.

The biggest problem with content creation is consistently producing high-quality posts. Trust us when we say that what works on the internet is a dilemma that all content creators face. Even though there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to content creation, there’s one thing that works, sooner or later: consistency.

Consistently and passionately creating content can take you places you have always envisioned for yourself. On the surface, it sounds easy, but the reality is complicated. You need to:

  • Come up with new ideas frequently.
  • Transform them into engaging content.
  • Execute it flawlessly.

The three require tonnes of time and effort. And if you are a budding content creator, it may also cost you actual money. Or did you forget that micro-and nano-influencers have to invest in apps and tools

2. Cultivating a unique voice

Somewhere under the complicated strata of your unique words and -isms, there are followers.

The second problem content creators face is staying true to their voice, assuming you have already found yours. When you’re producing content on different topics and for different channels (blogs, videos, Twitter, Instagram, podcasts, and whatnot), it gets tough to stick to one voice.  

But there has to be an underlying tone connecting them all. Why? Because your own personal voice equals familiarity, which equals more followers. It is the voice that you create throughout your social media journey that resonates with your followers and how they distinguish you from other creators. 

Another reason you must have a voice and tone is that novel ideas are rare on the internet. If you’re making content on a topic, then defo someone else is too. To get those shares, saves and comments, you need to give your content a fresh perspective – a touch that is uniquely yours.

3. Finding creative freedom

‘Do this.’ The words occur with the regularity of a leitmotif in brand briefs.

The third challenge of content creation comes when you garner a follower count good enough to start working with brands. Most brands tend to dictate and stifle your artistry because they fear brand safety. As bizarre as it sounds, frequent changes in briefs are not a rare instance in the influencer marketing industry.  

Sometimes they ask you to change the message the content conveys (that’s doable), and sometimes they may demand an overhaul (not so doable). For a creator, it means a constant struggle to find creative freedom.

Finding that compromise between what the brands demand and content that echoes with your values and voice is hard. Really hard. But when you find it, magic happens. (Watch the linked Instagram video to see what we mean.)

4. Last-minute changes

Keep awake till 0-dark-thirty and then start working all over again.

One of the most frustrating problems of creators during brand collaborations is last-minute changes. Brands have the prerogative to ask you to alter the posting time or hashtags involved. Such small tweaks are possible. 

However, a few brands may wish to change a portion of the shoot, add more posts, or even completely redo the content. These tweaks take extra effort but come with no additional perks. This is particularly exhausting and draining. 

Our advice? When it comes to changes in the eleventh hour, do make them if they match your voice. You’ve got a vested interest. If the campaign is a hit, your metrics will rise, which is always desirable!

5. Keeping your authenticity intact

It is almost impossible to keep your page the most honest place on the internet.

Of all the problems with content creators, the one that always comes back to bite is not maintaining your authenticity. We know staying true to your creator persona is hard when you are constrained by campaign brief, time, and budget. The solution is to keep a balance between paid and organic posts.

Too many sponsored posts can skew your genuineness.You have to remember that authenticity is the keystone of content creation, and without it, what’s the point?

Never sacrifice it.

6. Creating the right environment 

Gosh! If there’s one problem that looks creators right in the eye from the very moment they embark on the ride called content creation, it’s this. As if owning the right equipment and creating a highly functional setup wasn’t enough.

When working from home (thank you, pandemic!) finding a corner that is both aesthetically pleasing and free from disturbance is no less challenging than navigating through Delhi traffic! 

Having a kicka$$ idea but not being able to fruitfully execute it is one of the most frustrating feelings that a content creator can possibly feel. It can easily make something  you are passionate about seem like daily drudgery that ceases to give a feeling of fulfilment and joy.   

7. To trend or not to trend?

We kept the trickiest problem faced by content creators for the last! The internet has not just become replete with people creating content. It is now also replete with trends. With everyone dancing to the same tune, and with that tune turning into the internet anthem of a moment, it is tempting to join the crowd in a fear of being left behind. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love trends too but not just them. The trade-off between content that ignites the creative spark within a creator and that depicts trends that are evidently winning the internet is a tough one. It is easy to lose touch with creativity in a bid to “trend on Instagram”. 

Even if you want to, why not add your own creativity and twist it? It’ll help you trend and distinguish you from the crowd where everyone’s doing the exact same thing. Or, stick to the fire within you. Who knows, one day you may become the one who starts a trend? 

Problems content creators face make Content a tricksy task

We specifically stayed far away from the problems the lockdown has brought upon creators. That’s a whole other pandora’s box. The goal here was to commiserate with creators and show the world the problems they surpass to make just one post.

Yes, just one post.

FYI, DYT solves plenty of these problems for budding creators because we take on the hard work of tackling brands while you get to focus on content!