Planning Insta-worthy content is not easy. The right props, lights, aesthetics, outfit, yadda, yadda. There is so much more work involved. Getting the right shot is half the job done, and then you move on to writing a crisp caption, finding the right hashtags, tagging location… wait! 

Are you tagging your location?

Tagging locations on Instagram affects the performance of your content 

Often ignored, the location tag on Instagram can amplify the performance of your content and how. Honestly, it does more than just keep your followers posted on where you’ve been. It serves multiple other purposes, like improving the visibility of your content not just by the audience but also by brands. 

Why is it important to tag your location?

When you tag your location, it appears in the search results when someone searches for that particular location.

It makes your post more searchable and improves the chances of it being exposed to a much larger audience. That boosts the engagement rate

Moreover, it increases the chances of a person using the ‘save’ feature on your content. Imagine someone looking for a certain location, and they stumble upon your kicka$$ post. They’ll likely decide to save it. 

Frankly, we’ve done it for cafés, resorts, and exotic places we want on our travel list. When that happens, the Instagram algorithm amplifies that post, helping you gain more visibility.

But that’s not it. 

A lot of brands (think hotels and eateries) use the location tags to discover high-quality content to repost. Who knows, there might be a possible collaboration waiting for you. Only if you tag the location on Instagram! 

Tips on choosing the right location to tag

Compile a list of frequently searched places

One of the easiest ways to make it to the location search section is to find the most searched for places and pick the ones that align with your genre. You might want to go outside of Instagram and use the web to do some research here to see what’s trending

Put together a list of places people look for

Look for places that will inspire people to save your content. For, e.g., have you visited a pet-friendly café? Or planning a pet-friendly staycation? People are forever searching for places to travel with their four-legged friends. Tag the location, and it’ll generate a lot of shares and saves. 

Look for small businesses in town

It can be a new cafe that serves lactose-free coffee (if that floats your boat) or a small boutique with sustainable clothing. People are forever on the hunt for new things in their town, and with the rise in lifestyle changes that people are making, this content has high chances of saves and shares

Explore hidden gems

Explored a hidden gem? Go ahead and take a picture. There are so many people who are forever striving to explore new places. Apart from saves and shares, this content can also invite comments from people wanting to know more. 

Having said that, always remember that you pick locations that stay true to your content. You might want to visit a trending café, but before doing a shoot there, ask yourself, does it really align with your vision? 

Make use of your staycation 

With COVID-19 and travel restrictions, it’s a good idea to make the most of a staycation, with precautions, of course. Searches for staycations are on the rise. It can be places that have unique experiences to offer, something that adds value to your otherwise mundane schedule of working from home, or just a place that offers serenity. 

Keep exploring tagging locations on Instagram

Honestly, from a salon that specialises in undercuts to a new tattoo artist, the location options are endless. Get some insights, understand what your audience wants, see if it ticks off your content creation criteria and identity, and get going.