Let’s be clear. There is not an iota of doubt that social media has fostered some real, salt-of-the-earth talent. Don’t believe us? Have you heard Yohani’s cover of the Sri Lankan song Manike Mage Hithe?

Of course, you have. Everyone has! Social media did that. Don’t at us. You know it, we know it. Reels and YouTube made the song viral (and, of course, the gorgeous, gorgeous voice of Yohani).

She is just one example. There are plenty of everyday people who became influencers who turned into entrepreneurs. Let them be your inspiration to keep growing as a creator.

Instagram influencers who turned into entrepreneurs by building their businesses on social media

Social media promoted a lot of people to step up and take the stage. Quite a big chunk of those turned their success into online businesses. So, shortlisting just 10 influencers who turned into entrepreneurs was not easy. But here goes. 

Alicia D’souza 


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We cannot begin a list of influencers who turned into entrepreneurs without Alicia. She is the original creator to tap into the power of Instagram to launch her business. And oh, how she did it!

Accurately describing herself as “your friendly illustrator next door,” Alicia has now diversified her business across a range of products. This includes Auntie Alie, a brand for babies and children with Alicia’s signature illustrations. 

Her Instagram is an aesthetical wonderland, filled with posts that grab your attention and entice you to shop. Make sure to check her website, which includes her own customised stationery collection of journals, notebooks, stamps, greeting cards, etc. And oh, don’t miss her home decor collection of mugs, wall art, and scented candles. 



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Debasree Banerjee has carved a niche for herself in the domain of beauty and make-up. Using her forte to her success, she introduced the beauty line titled “Debasreee”. A beauty influencer and a make-up enthusiast, she is known for creating bold, wearable looks. Her products are vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, gender-fluid. Read Debasreee story here.

The influencer ingeniously uses her Instagram to offer free, easy to follow make-up tutorials. And she makes sure her brand suits everyone, from make-up professionals to those venturing into the space for the first time. Feel free to navigate her website and go on a one-stop shopping spree!

Juhi Godambe 


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Juhi Godambe, a fashion and luxury content creator, started Arabellaa to offer a luxurious range of clothing for girls just like her. With an inspiring story (read about it here), her business success is as much a product of her fantastic style as it is of her Instagram handle. 

The creator never misses a chance to show off her understated elegance. She doesn’t shy away from experimenting with multiple colour themes, patterns, and ventures into different products. We’re pretty sure just one look at her posts will wake up the latent modelling spirit inside you.

Roshini Kumar



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Roshini is not a mere content creator but an advocate of queer fashion icons and cancer survivors who uses their influence to give voice to topics like mental health, body positivity, queer identities, and gender taboos. 

The entrepreneur sells creatively designed merchandise on Rainbow Monkey. The aesthetics are similar to Roshini’s vibrant and eye-popping Instagram colour palette.

Siddhi Karwa 



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A fashion influencer, Siddhi Karwa started Unfurl Studio, a business specialising in interior design and creative production based out of Mumbai. Her visuals are a treat to the eyes and will leave you awed by her sense of interior aesthetic. So, content creators, if you need some inspiration on how to click photos for Instagram, look no further than Siddhi’s account. 

Simran Bhatia Sharma


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A blogger and YouTuber, Simran Bhatia Sharma, co-founded Swish Boss, the perfect online shopping stop for all things stunning. The creator built a brand using her Instagram and reached a stage where artists like Neha Kakkar dress up on television in her outfits.

The influencer turned entrepreneur launched another business after the lavish success of Swish Boss. It’s called swishbydolcyandsimran and focuses on Indian outfits and jewellery. Don’t miss out on her website for a deluxe session of window shopping.

Deeksha Khurana


We’ve all heard of Kritika Khurana, but it is her sister (and an excellent content creator in her own right), Deeksha, that we chose as our last influencer-cum-entrepreneur. Popularly known as “Dee,” she is the founder of Dee Clothing

She describes her brand as “fast-paced and forward-thinking,” and her range of outfits does justice to the claim. Deepika is a testament that you can take your Instagram style, in her case, simple and chic, and turn it into a successful business. 

With a tagline “comfort comes first” and a monochrome colour palette without being monotonous, Dee Clothing gives you reasons to believe and endorse the same. 

Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan

Shaurya Sanadhya, a fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel content creator, built a whole slew of businesses under the names Label Shaurya Sanadhya, Aryam Bodycare, and Rangnaari. The first specialises in Western and ethnic wear for women. 

The second on natural hair care and face care products. And the last purely on Indian clothing. Shaurya relies on her Instagram to promote each of her brands to her 506k followers. And she does it with panache and creativity, which is why we picked her for our influencer turned into an entrepreneur list!