Do you know the number of languages spoken in India? It is home to 120+ languages. And don’t get us started on dialects. The saying ‘कोस कोस पर बदले पानी, चार कोस पर वाणी‘ is actually true.

And the creator economy is truly witnessing it now, with an increased demand for vernacular content and regional content creators. These content creators have taken over Instagram Reels, Twitter feeds, and YouTube to share content in a language native to them. 

5 regional content creators we’re OD’ing on

While there have been creators who produce vernacular content for a while, India saw a burst of them after COVID-19. 

YouTube says 60% of its watch-time comes from beyond the borders of the six largest cities in India. 90% of all video consumption is in local languages.” Suffice to say, this year and the coming ones will see more and more regional content creators rise. 

So, we sat down to make a list of content creators who’ve left their audience craving more, every single time. And they did it in their mother tongue.

Karan Sonawane a.ka. FocusedIndian 

Trust Karan Sonawane to make you laugh when you need it the most. This regional content creator does his videos in Marathi. A popular face across social media, Karan has also made his appearance in videos of YouTube content creators. Some videos where he’s starred are: That’s So Viraj, FilterCopy, RVCJ Media, and Ashish Chanchlani’s OTP The Lottery. His content is bound to tickle your funny bone. 


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Nirmal Pillai a.k.a. mahlyf_mahrulez

This regional content creator from South India knows how to get his audience to roll on the floor laughing. Nirmal Pillai has been featured in ‘We Are In The Making’, a campaign by Instagram that celebrates the multidimensional generation. The Tamilian content creator loves to collaborate with other creators. Having a dull day? Head to his Instagram for an instant boost of endorphins. 


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Regional influencers IndiaVishnu Kaushal

Vishnu’s content is sure to leave you in splits. This Punjabi boy from Chandigarh creates highly relatable content. But we can’t help but ignore his videos on how Bollywood has stereotyped Punjabis. 

He is proof positive that good, quality content that resonates with people can take you to high places. For Vishnu, that meant launching his own brand. PeachByVishnu has some of the most adorable hoodies, joggers, and sweatshirts. Oh, and his comments section is testimony to the number of girls who have a crush on this cute boy. 


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Karan Sareen a.k.a gorgeous potato 

You cannot not binge-watch Karan Sareen’s videos. He has proved himself over and over with his content. From being a Punjabi aunty to a kid in school, this Punjabi boy has captured all relatable scenarios and left us in splits. Every single time. Did we tell you that we are big fans of his mimicry? But that’s not it. He’s also one of the creators who has opened up about body-shaming and anxiety. 


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Amal Thaha a.k.a thaha_thug

Expect Aman Thaha’s videos to uplift your mood when you need it the most. His content has an instant-pick me up vibe to it. This South Indian content creator is an effortless actor who we can’t get enough of. He has been featured in multiple Malayalam web series like ‘Karikku’, ‘Jin and Johny to name a few. Feeling the blues? Head to his Instagram and you won’t be disappointed. 


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The power of regional content creators: leaving the whole of India in splits

This was a tiny preview. The list of regional content creators in India is constantly growing. They’ve taken over Instagram Reels, and we’re ODing on it! 

It’s also why we localised the DYT app in 9 languages: Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi, Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil. So, any creator, big or small, feels comfortable using it to find brand collaborations. 

We don’t know what came first: vernacular content creators or the demand for regional content. But we do know that the demand for it is increasing by leaps and bounds. A Google KPMG report when you combine Hindi with Bengali and Marathi internet users, the total pool accounts for 75% of Indians browsing the internet.

And that means brands need to pay attention too. These content creators have a hyper-focused following, often limited to a city, town, or area, making them a great bet for brands looking to promote their product in a specific region.