Is your follower count stuck at the same number for a long period of time? Are you struggling with converting potential audiences into followers? 

Heck, yes? Then read on!

Instagram currently has 1 billion monthly users on average. In simple words, it offers huge growth potential for creators as well as brands. You just have to throw the dice in the right direction in 2022. And how do you do that? Read further to find out! 

How to get more followers on Instagram in the coming year? 

Growing your community on Instagram doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. It is a time-taking process. However, with these 7 tricks, you will see that number grow more rapidly than before in the upcoming year.

Utilise the popularity of Instagram Reels

Instagram recommends reels to both new and existing users. Currently, it is the most effective content format to tap into potential audiences. It can increase your visibility and reach many-folds. 

Influencers like @thesoundblaze, @abhijeetkain, @yashrajmukhate and many more went viral with their reels. You can be one of them with these tips: 

  • Use viral songs.
  • Record in high quality. 
  • Stay up-to-date with trends. 
  • Make short and to-the-point videos for repeat views. 
  • Add content-related, popular hashtags and keywords to captions. 
  • Put the on-screen text for viewers scrolling through reels on mute. 

Write optimised captions

After a recent update on Instagram, users can search for content by typing in keywords. (Go see the search button, if you haven’t already!) The app displays results based on the type of content, location of the creator, timing of the post, its popularity, and the intent behind the search.

For creators, it means your caption, along with hashtags, is scanned by Instagram to look for the keyword typed in by the users. Hence, they play a key role in determining whether your post will be displayed in the search results or not

You must use the right hashtags related to your niche in the caption. Many third-party apps can help you find popular keywords. Try All Hashtags, Ritetag, Instavest Hashtag Generator, etc. You should also check Instagram’s search tab on a regular basis to see what is getting the most attention from users right now. This way, you will be able to attract new followers to your profile. 

Make your first impression count 

Your Instagram feed is the first thing a user sees when they visit your profile. Trending hashtags, optimised captions, and popular reels will attract them to your page. However, they will only follow you if they like the overall look and feel of your feed

So, in addition to planning individual posts, you must also focus on how they appear together on your Instagram page and what message they convey to visitors as a whole. Use visual planner tools like Preview and Planoly planning apps to get an idea of the overall look of your feed. 

The preset features of Adobe Lightroom and VSCO also come in handy for maintaining a consistent aesthetic. 

Collaborate with brands and creators

Another super-efficient trick for reaching out to potential users is collaborating with brands and creators of similar niches. This way, you will both be able to dive into the pool of each other’s followers and gain new audiences

Instagram too realises the power of collaboration. It recently launched a new feature where creators can invite others as collaborators on a post. If the other creator accepts the collab request, then the same post will appear on both influencers’ feeds. Earlier, it could only be done through tagging or reposting the content. 

Translation: likes and comments get doubled as followers of both accounts are engaging with the same post. Not sure how to initiate a conversation with a fellow creator for collaboration? Follow these tips to get a confirmed yes. 

Host giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Giveaways are very effective when it comes to attracting new users and reaching out to potential followers. Their ROI (return on investment) doubles if you host them in collaboration with other brands or creators

Set clear rules and maintain transparency about the whole process, from registering entries to announcing winners. Some terms that are most commonly used by creators on Instagram are tagging friends in comments and sharing in the story about the giveaway. 

But remember, people will follow you with the hope of winning goodies. However, they will only stay if they like your content. Otherwise, they will unfollow after the declaration of the result.

Promote Instagram page on other platforms

Driving an audience from other platforms to Instagram is another excellent strategy for getting new followers. If you have an account on YouTube, Facebook, a blog, or website, you must promote your Instagram page there. 

Always put the link to your page in the YouTube description and urge people watching the video to follow you on Instagram at the end of the video. Similarly, you should connect your page to your Facebook account to increase visits. 

You should also periodically create content on these other accounts that encourages people to follow you on Instagram. For example, mention any giveaway going on, on your page or a particular tip you will share only on Instagram. 

Dive into Instagram challenges

Remember the Ice bucket challenge or bottle cap stunt? These trends instantly grab users’ attention, and anyone doing them automatically gets noticed. With reels coming into the picture, the virality of such challenges has increased even more. 

Give your own twist to the trend instead of copying it as it is. Take tips from popular celebs who are nailing the Reel game. Otherwise, you might get lost in the crowd of influencers doing the same thing. Also, try to start your own trend and tie it up with a hashtag. Users consider accounts creating original content more authentic and prefer to follow them. 

Getting more Instagram followers in 2022 (or any other time)! 

Success on Instagram comes with the combination of both hard work and smart work. Put all your hard work into creating quality content and follow the above smart tips to attract potential followers. Soon enough, you will have a strong pool of followers on Instagram!