First followers, then likes. For a while, they were the hottest metrics that brands paid close attention to for a while. But now, it’s time to make way for the new metric in town: saves! For creators and influencer, the most important question is How to get more Instagram saves?”

What makes Instagram saves so important for content creators?

The gist is this: saves are a stronger and better indicator that your followers find value in your content and that it resonates with them. Likes show that a person enjoyed your post. Enough to double-tap. A save means they will want to watch or read the content again and again. 

Essentially, saves show true engagement, which is why a lot of brands have changed the way they calculate engagement rate to (Likes + Comments + Saved) / Impressions

But why have Instagram saves become so popular in such a short time? 

Well, for starters, the influx of content on the platform has made it tough for people to search for a post. With the introduction of the save bookmark, users can very easily save a post and access it just as easily whenever needed. Added to this comfort is the option to organise your saved posts into different collections. Lastly, and most importantly, saves are a much more genuine metric to measure the impact of a post. 

How to get more Instagram saves from your audience?

Now that you know why saves are crucial, let’s get to the important bit: how to make sure your posts are being saved by Instagram users.

1. Write longer and elaborate descriptions in your captions

Why do people save anything? When it’s funny or offers them information. So, that’s the first way to get followers to save a post. Provide them with rich information in a carefully crafted caption. Make it descriptive and a long one, so it almost reads like a mini-blog. This gives the reader valuable and interesting information that they would want to come back to later. FYI, Netflix uses long captions ingeniously. 

2. Make content that lasts for a long time

Instagram is a fast-paced platform. Every time you refresh, you get new content. Every. Single. Time. 

With such a huge influx of content, for someone to save your post, it should be durable. That means it should have evergreen information, making people want to come back to it again and again. 

A good example of this kind of content is workout-related, calendar-based, food recipes, hacks, DIYs, and a checklist. To put it simply, any information that helps your audience or adds value is saveable content. 


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3. Create quotes

Yes, we know people see quotes as filler content. They are not. People love quotes, especially inspirational and motivational ones. And they often save them to come back and read them. 

Moreover, everyone shares quotes with their friends, either through their stories, feed posts or private messages. Ultimately, quotes give you a much larger reach and engagement. 


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4. Invest in some infographics

Infographics are a foolproof way to increase the number of saves on your posts! Posts with only text often go unread. Posts with only pictures do not convey all the information we want them to. Infographics are a perfect blend of informative text and images, telling your story effectively. That’s why people save them because they have information-heavy content, sorta like a reference when the need arises. 

5. Ask your audience to save your post

Umm, well, this might sound too obvious, but you should tell your audience to save your post! It calls your audience to action. The CTA reminds them that the particular piece of content is worthy of a save or that they will need it in the future for reference.

6. Produce posts with tricks, tips, and hacks 

Who doesn’t love some easy tricks and hacks to life or getting more likes, saves, and followers? Content with tips is a great way to share quick, easy, and highly educational content. That’s why it has proven to be a guaranteed hit among the audience on different platforms, be it Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or blogs. 

How to see if your Instagram posts have been saved?

When all is said and done, you need to track how many of your posts are saved by people. For that, hop over to the Instagram Insights of the post. You can find these when you click on the “View Insights” option on your post. The number of saves that the post has got will be mentioned under the bookmark symbol. 

To view your overall saves for all your posts, go to Instagram Insights from your profile page and proceed to the Content Shared. When the content tab opens up, at the top, use the filter to show you the number of saves on all your posts. 

So, creators! Next time you are pitching yourself to brands, planning your content strategy, or even your feed, keep in mind Instagram saves. 

In the meantime, save this blog when you need to look back on these tips and implement them! 

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