The talk of the town today is the DYT x Havells influencer marketing campaign that we did a way, way back when to promote their Valentine’s Day campaign #ThodaStyleThodaSmile. This is the story (a very short one) of how it unfolded.

The #ThodaStyleThodaSmile: DYT X Havells Influencer Marketing Campaign

With the Valentine’s Day campaign, Havells wished to spark a conversation about how people love to put their best foot forward when it comes to their partners. 

Think about it. A date with a well-groomed man (or woman) makes you smile. Doesn’t it? That’s where the #ThodaStyleThodaSmile came in – bringing happiness to your other half’s face by dressing up to the nines!

How did Havells get the ball rolling on the conversation? By asking creators to share a selfie flaunting their styled hair or beard, of course, along with a Havells personal grooming product.

Where Did Do Your Thng Come In The Picture?

Do Your Thng became the loudspeaker for Havells. We promoted their Valentine’s Day campaign on our app and caught the eye of quite a few creators. These creators further amplified the campaign by participating and sharing a link to it with their followers. Effectively, we generated a domino effect around #ThodaStyleThodaSmile.*-AWv1GETqXyHjqA8pmXztw.jpeg

This was the second time Havells collaborated with Do Your Thng to promote a campaign, and like the first, it went by without a glitch, rather it was more of a resounding success. Why? Because we had an under-structure ready.

The biggest hurdle brands face with an influencer campaign is finding relevant creators. If you choose the wrong influencer, the campaign falls flat, irrespective how much you push it online. The right creator, one whose followers are interested in the product and fall in the same demographics as the brand’s customers, takes it from 0 to 100 in a few seconds flat.

The previous DYT x Havells collaboration gave us a clear idea of which creators would bring in the most results. In other words, we have  an under-structure. We built upon it and made sure to handpick talented creators of the same league.*yrA1BvbOmbksmmCCC6yQcQ.jpeg

What’s The One Recommendation For the Brand?

Havells pitched the contest-cum-campaign with “A great style makes your partner smile!” because it ran only on 14th Feb. What we realised after the campaign ended was that Galentine’s Day is far more popular than Valentine’s Day. 

The day, celebrated on 13th February, came into being in 2010 with the TV show Parks and Recreation. It is meant to celebrate friends, women and enduring bonds. 

We think that not just Havells but all brands would better connect with their audience if they made use of Galentine’s Day for a campaign. After all, even Michelle Obama celebrates it:

Would We Do The Influencer Marketing Campaign Again?

Hell yeah! Working with creators to brainstorm gripping narratives, especially with cool products Havells has and making sure that we pushed every communication angle was absolutely fun. Much like our Klairs’ campaign

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