The talk of the town today is the Klairs’ Campaign that we did a way, way back when. The campaign was long one in the making because we wanted authentic feedback from our creators, which obviously took time. This is the story of how it unfolded.

The Skincare Campaign: DYT X Klairs

Klairs, the Korean skincare brand extraordinaire, was on the hunt for influencers. Why? Because they wanted to promote their (truly magical) products to a broader audience. Instead of laboriously and painstakingly searching for these creators on their own, Klairs partnered with Do Your Thng.

Where Did Do Your Thng Come In The Picture?

After, we launched the Klairs Campaign, we asked creators interested in beauty or skincare to send in their collaboration request. We then painstakingly vetted the creators because it was absolutely essential that their synergies matched.

Why? because even a slight disbalance meant neither the brand nor the creator got any value out of the partnership. Finally, to the right creator, we shipped Klairs products and asked them to produce content revolving around it.

It’s here we paid particular attention.

Klairs objective with the campaign was not limited to advertising and marketing push. They genuinely wanted the creators to experience the products and then review them. As long as the cosmetics were used, each creator could take anywhere between 7 to 14 days.

Sometimes brand campaigns tend to be restrictive for creators. With DYT x Klairs, we took the smart decision and included the creators in the process and gave them absolute freedom on deliverables.

If their audience preferred a series of stories, they could make those. If their followers loved long-form content, they could post on IGTV. If their community engaged more with flat-lay pictures, they could click those.

Besides the decision on creatives, creators also had complete control over their review. It was entirely based on how their beauty regime changed and skin improved by using Klairs.

What’s The One Learning From The DYT x Klairs Campaign?

From the brand side, it was smooth sailing. We feel more brands should learn from Klairs and give creators the same leeway. The results are far more effective when you let the influencer decide what kind of content to generate since they know what catches the attention of their audience the best.

It was on the creator’s side that the campaign came across a glitch. For the first 50 profiles, it was easy to discover influencers who a) had experience in skincare, b) gave authentic reviews and c) were enthusiastic about participating.

But once we reached the half-century threshold, it was like a well drying up. It got really tricky to find creators with knowledge of the niche. There are plenty of lifestyle and beauty creators, but few who focus solely on personal care products.

So, to any person starting their influencer journey – if you care about skin and beauty, we recommend the skincare niche. It has a massive growth potential.

Would Do Your Thng Do It Again?

Lord, yes. Did we sound orgasmic? We meant to.

Korean skincare is a blessing from the gods. And it was a treat working with both Klairs and the creators.

The personal care product segment has a very shallow perception, but one conversation with creators transformed our opinions. They were not only exceptionally intelligent and well-read on the topic, but had incredible insight into the collaboration. They knew exactly which brands to work with and how to create content that gets their audience pumped.

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