One of the questions that pops-up with the regularity of a leitmotif at Do Your Thng is “how to reach X followers in a month?” 

For some creators, the number is 10,000 and for others, it is 50,000. If you take away the hard digits, the crux is how do you gain more followers – a lot more than you have presently.

With that in mind, here’s a dive into the Mariana Trench of social media – tricks to reaching more followers.


10 Ways to Get 50,000 Followers In 30 Days

1. Post every day.

On social media, after 24 hours, a post is pretty much obsolete. The chances of new users coming across it are abysmal (unless you use clever # or make it Reel).

Which is why the first and most crucial tip to get more followers is to post every day. If possible, publish at least twice – once in the morning and once in the evening.

Keep the posts regular, consistent and never, ever, ever, abandon your account. If you lose momentum, you lose followers.

2. Use HD quality.

Social sites like Instagram are visual platforms, which is why nicer, high-quality images and videos get you more likes. It is a hassle, but get rid of the habit of using your phone to click photos. Unless it has fancy pixels, then use these tips. Get a digital camera, if you can afford it. Use it to snap a few pictures, edit them and then post. More on tools to up your content game, here.

3. Apply one filter.

Kicka$$ images do hike up your engagement, but you also need to have a consistent theme for your Instagram feed. Apply the same filter for every image or video you publish. Or, at the least, have one underlying consistency.

How does it help? Over time users will start recognising your content and connect with it more, which will bring in more followers.

4. Peak times.

What you post is as important as when you publish it. The peak times – the moment when most people are scrolling through a social site – are while travelling to work, lunchtime and after work.

Hit post during these times of the day and you’ll get more engagement and ultimately more followers. FYI, this trick is critical if you are targeting people in the same time zone (read: within India). If your followers are generally from another country, then sticking to a set time doesn’t matter as much.

5. Always hashtag.

If you do not include hashtags in your post, you may as well not post. The easiest way to discovery is hashtags. Find out which hashtags your ideal audience uses. Add them in your caption, and you’ll gain more followers through the explore page.

Don’t be stingy with #. If you feel they are cluttering your caption, put them on the first comment of your post. Here are more tips on how to use hashtags to increase discoverability.

6. Tag brands.

While hashtags do give you exposure, tagging a relevant brand or even another creator on your posts is a better way to get more followers. This works because brands love to regram UGC. When you tag a product or include the brand’s unique hashtag in the post, chances are the brand will repost it. And once you get brand visibility, you get more followers!

7. Interact a lot.

There is a reason Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are called social platforms. They are meant for interactions. So, go socialise. This means liking and commenting on the posts of all potential followers. 

It also means that if you are asked what brand’s dress you are wearing in an image 14 different times, then answer politely to all 14 people separately. In every post, if a user asks for any information, give it no matter how taxing it is to say the same thing repeatedly.

8. Follow back.

If you are just starting your social page, follow back any page that is set to public. It is a courtesy and the gesture is always appreciated. Besides, it is another form of interaction and it opens your page to new followers.

9. Give credit.

As a creator, you often repost content someone else has made. When you do so, credit the owner. That one step is likely to get you a double-tap, comment and follow. Plus, it is an opportunity to start an online dialogue – the first rung on the ladder of more followers.

10. Connect with creators.

Find influencers in your niche or one complementary to it and connect with them. When you build a network of creators, your social reach increases. This is particularly true if you collaborate with them. Working with another creator (or even a brand) puts you in the focus of a whole new set of social media users.

How do you connect with creators? The not-so-sure way is to send a DM or email introducing yourself and keeping your fingers crossed that you get a reply. The sure-fire method is to join a creator-community. Yes, that’s a blatant DYT brag, but it works!

Final Words on How to Get 50,000 Followers

Because the goal is to reach 50K followers in just one month, you have to follow these ten steps stringently and aggressively. There are no free lunches. You reap what you sow. So, put in the hard work and the number ticker will rise.

The final bit of advice on how to reach 50K followers in a month is to stick to your niche. If you talk about home décor and suddenly start posting videos of fitness regimes, people will unfollow you. Don’t veer off course. Cling to what your audience is looking for, and you’ll be golden.

And remember, the start is the hard part. Once you reach a certain follower number, from there, it snowballs and within no time you cross the coveted 50k mark.

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