When we thought 2020 was going to be a big year for creators around the world, little did we know that 2021 was going to have 50 million people declare themselves as creators.

50 million is a huge number. It is bigger than the entire populations of Australia and New Zealand put together!

But what we did predict was that brands would shift to influencer platforms to find creators, and they did. We also said that the better a creator knows their audience, the more collaborations they will get. And that’s what happened. Niche creators, nano and micro-influencers who are ‘rag-rag se waqif’ of their followers, made it big.

2021 has passed, and like our founder said, the creator economy saw unparalleled growth. With 2022 soon approaching (BTW, 2021 went by with the blink of an eye, no?) Do Your Thng’s crystal ball has some insightful predictions for you.


5 influencer marketing trends creators should be aware of in 2022


1.     Authentic, original content will come back with a bang

Many say that Instagram has killed the need to be creative and people just follow whichever format is trending. But no more. The need for authenticity will make a comeback.

Tips for creators

Brands will look for creators who can stand out from the crowded space. That’s why creators will need to return to the fundamentals of storytelling. This authenticity would also translate to more long-term collaborations for creators.

2.     Long-term campaigns will prosper

First, creators said to brands, “use us; we’ll give you more customers.” Brand ignored it, only to realise the truth later.

Then creators said, “Use us for more than one post, you’ll get loyal customers.” Brands ignored it. In 2022, they will realise the truth of these words too.

Creators and brands who share common values will work together far more often and for a far longer time. Brands will look at creators as value messengers to communicate their brand values and ethics as much as possible.

Tips for creators

People now demand accountability and transparency from creators and brands. So, make sure your brand collaborations, specifically longer ones, are transparent and ethical.

3.     Instagram’s massive role in e-commerce

It’s so easy to shop through socials. You know it. We know it.

That’s why 2021 saw a wave of shoppable content. That led to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others releasing several updates to cater to online shopping. We predict that in 2022, Instagram will play one of the biggest roles in the already flourishing social commerce business.

Tips for creators

If you don’t already know this, pay attention: creators are how people discover brands and decide what products to buy. You are the crucial intermediary between brands and consumers. Use that power to generate awareness or online sales for brands. How? By making and sharing authentic product recommendations and becoming brand advocates.

4.     Brands will hire in-house creators

As 2022 passes, brands will start hiring in-house creators to produce all their social media content, and help the brand grow. From viral videos to social ads to newsletters and other communication, creators will do it all. Netflix has already started on this influencer marketing trend. By next year, we predict that other brands will have caught up.

Tips for creators

Creators know how to cultivate a strong and influential social media presence. It’s something every brand wants to do. So, if you’re a budding creator who needs a full-time job to fund your side-hustle, find a brand with a vacancy in their creative team. You’ll learn a lot.

5.     Data-driven influencer marketing

Data has become crucial. As we said:

Brands don’t want vanity metrics like double taps. They look for genuine proof that an influencer campaign works and that their money isn’t simply going down the drain.

4 in 10 brands are now investing 10-20% of their marketing budget in influencer marketing, and 1 in 10 brands says they are investing more than 40% in influencer marketing. So, they want real numbers to show a return on their investment.

You, as creators, will hear the word ROI much more often in 2022. Quantifiable data, particularly the analytical insight your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profile offers, will play an important role in determining whether a brand will work with you or not.

Tip for creators

Be open with your stats. When a brand wants to see them, share them. When an influencer platform asks you to link your social media accounts to the app, do it. It allows them direct access to all your metrics and increases your chance of getting brand collaborations.

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