This blog is the first part of the ‘how to create better content’ series. It tackles photography tips. If you’re looking for video and writing tricks, then holla at the 2nd post here.

As we see it, the question is not “how to become an online content creator,” it is “how to be a better content creator.”

It is as obvious as the mountain-of-a-pimple growing on a nose that anyone can be an online influencer.

Why? Because every person’s voice counts (even that of the hermit writing this post). What’s less evident is who turns out to be a great social media creator.

Why? Because generating content for Instagram, YouTube, etc. is an art. It takes stunning photography, kicka$$ video and attention-grabbing writing.  That’s where we begin today – how to create better content?

Thngs You Wish Someone Told You About How To Create Better Content

As the most honest corner of the internet, authenticity is paramount at DYT. Hence the disclaimer that the post is penned by a hermit (read: 20 Instagram followers). Obviously, no good for giving tips on how to take and edit photos for social

So, we tapped into our community.

We spoke to Natasha Minocha, whose out-of-this-world food pictures reach across the divide of the internet and make your mouth water. First a baker and then a creator, Natasha runs the food Instagram page tashasartisanfoods. Here are her tricks on how to create better content with your camera!

1. Photography tips for beginners

There are three basic camera aspects you have to master, including the smartphone’s lens.

  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed

As Natasha says, “These are your best friends in photography.” The reason is light. Combined the three features control exposure to light, the indispensable aspect of photography. By optimising these settings on your camera, you can create phenomenal images.

A perfect example of how light hitting at the right angle can create an arresting visual. Can’t see it? Focus on the right side of the jar. Notice how the orange slices are brighter on that side?

Which camera to use for amazing photos?

“You don’t need a fancy camera to do amazing photography. In fact, some of my favourite photographers use just their phone!” – Natasha Minocha

Heed this advice. “Light is what makes or breaks a photo,” the camera lens plays a secondary role.

What else to keep in mind when clicking pictures?

Comprehending your subject and how it can be presented best on a screen is crucial to creating better visual content. For Natasha, that meant “hours and hours of research every day to figure out what works in food photography and what does not” at the start of her journey.

The baker recommends getting on YouTube, photography blogs and SkillShare to look for tutorials on how to click great photos. “There is no end to the resources we have on the internet, so make the most of them.”

2. Image editing tricks to create better content

A content creator worth-their-followers knows snapping pictures is step-one of the process. Editing is the second. Visualise the mood you want to accomplish with that picture, then commence editing it. For example, use VSCO when you want to give pictures a moody touch and use PicsArt when we want the pictures to pop.

What’s the best app for editing photos?

For most new travel creators, the one-stop destination is VSCO.

How to remove something from an image?

To edit any unwanted part of the image, try the ‘healing’ feature of Snapseed. Travel influencers also recommend experimenting with FaceTune.

If you wish to take away attention from a tiny detail in the photograph, FaceTune is your friend. It also works great at highlighting minutiae.  Use the tool to soften any hard edges or detail patterns or whiten walls.

How to edit several pictures for similar aesthetics?

There’ll be times when you upload multiple pictures in a post or create a grid. For such pictorial content, an underlying theme works best. Travel bloggers utilise VSCO’s HSL feature to fashion images that complement each other.

Another app that’s excellent for editing numerous photos in matching themes is Lightroom. Employ its red, blue and green gradation curves. With it, your picture can turn out exactly how you want it to be. You can banish the green tone from them or turn the sky into a beautiful turquoise colour.

One last cool weapon in your arsenal of editing tools is the ‘grain’ feature of Lightroom.

What to avoid when editing photos?

Sometimes what you don’t do is as important as what you do, do. Creators insist on not using too many apps to edit your picture because it hampers the quality of it.

For all images where the Great Outdoors is the protagonist, reality is always a good benchmark to follow. Get as close as possible to the focal subject and keep the shots natural.

Final advice on creating better content

Don’t forget to play around and experiment as much as you can. You never know what might work!

Take your time, find your groove and your content will improve. And if you want tips on how to make top-notch videos, then keep your eyes peeled for the next blog!

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