With so many creators and influencers emerging every day, gaining followers on Instagram (the linked blog is a treasure trove of tricks. Read it.) is surely becoming a difficult task. Just good content isn’t enough anymore. You have to up your game to reach a wider audience. One organic way to do this is by appearing on the Instagram search results. 

How to appear on the Instagram search results?

It’s not rocket science! And we did the research for you. Here’s how to show up on the Instagram search result page. 

Optimize your Instagram profile 

If you haven’t already, make these changes to your Instagram profile. It’ll help increase the probability of you showing up on the search results.

  • Keep your account public.
  • Choose the most memorable and easily searchable username and business name.
  • Add primary keywords to your username.
  • Register yourself for an Instagram business account. (This is essential if you’re serious about becoming an influencer. Here’s how you do it.)Create an astonishing bio and don’t forget to add a trackable website link in it.
  • Add secondary keywords related to your niche and your location in the Instagram bio.

Use relevant hashtags in your posts and stories

Optimising your posts is just as important. Nobody is going to search for your handle directly. That’s why you need to add popular hashtags to your posts. They do wonders for your discoverability.

Choose niche, industry-related, and post-specific hashtags to be visible to the right audience. You can also create special hashtags specific to your page and encourage followers to use them as well. For more tips on how to use the right hashtags, hop here.

Discover and analyse your target audience

Knowing your followers’ demographics tell you which Instagram users you should target. That’ll give you a better idea about what type of content to create posts. When you post content for targeted users, Instagram will automatically show it on its search result page. 

  • First, go to the Insights page and understand the gender, location, age, etc. of your followers. 
  • Then find your audience’s interest by exploring your feed. Look into the posts and analyse which one interests users the most. 
  • Find what tone or visual style attracts the most audience and engagement, what type of captions work best at getting more comments, and whether including questions in your captions helps get more responses from users or not. 

Share post when most followers are online

Instagram’s algorithm gives preference to posts based on recency. New Feed and Story posts are shown on top. Hence, posting at the right times boosts visibility and engagement.

However, there is no ideal timing that fits all niches. It varies depending on your location, industry, and the behaviour of your audience. Experiment a bit to find the optimal time and then schedule your posts during it. There are multiple tools available online for new creators. Use them.

The gist on showing up on Instagram search results

Appearing on Instagram search requires a lot of quality content, a bit of hard work, and knowing how to use their algorithm to your benefit. The first three, you bring. For the last, use the hacks and you’ll defos show up on Instagram search results.