Let’s democratise influence. Those were the words DYT began with.

To help anyone do what they love, their thng and, on the way, tell stories. Stories created by the people and for the people. We’ve come a long way in making this true.

Today we climb one more step towards achieving the goal and we do it by amplifying the voices of micro-influencers in the DYT community. Called DYT Creator Portraits, it’s a new series that celebrates small creators who pack a powerful punch for brands and have bundles to teach budding creators.

We lead-off Creator Portraits with Kulin Amin, a 21-year-old Instagram creator from Ahmedabad with 10.7k followers. Kulin has been part of the DYT community for over a year and has one the highest brand participations. 

The story

Better known as kulinlifestyle, the young creator breaks the fashion industry mould, proving it is not just the domain for women. His content creation journey began half a decade back, but it was after joining DYT in September 2020 that he bagged the first brand collaboration with DaMENSCH.


The genre

Kulin is a master of men’s fashion. His style is basic, focusing on everyday looks that anyone can aspire to. Yet his content is edgy. From formal wear to traditional attire to street style, he covers it all. More importantly, he nails it every time. 

The brand value

DaMENSCH was the first of many brand collaborations for Kulin, and the reason for it? His Instagram aesthetic. One glance at his grid, and you’re hooked. It’s carefully curated and styled. 

When asked if that’s by choice, the answer is an emphatic yes. A visually pleasing profile is more likely to push new users to tap follow. It is also the reason he prefers static posts to IGTV or Reels, even though it was Reel that helped him reach the next creator level. 

Another value Kulin brings to the brand table is experimenting with content to redefine the concept of men’s fashion. It makes him the perfect fit for brands looking to generate awareness and capture the younger demographic. 

(credit: Kulin Amin)

Creativity is evident in Kulin’s content, but it is never at the cost of quality, which is on par with macro-influencers. He attributes the quality to two things. One, a fellow creator and photographer, who captures each image. Two, Kulin’s attention to detail, ensuring he professionally edits every post before it goes live. 

The creator advice

Kulin’s hack to make it as a content creator is to focus on the content and keep it consistent. In his words, “You have to remain in the highlights. Skipping a day here or there is fine, but have a posting schedule.”

When it comes to gadgets a creator needs, Kulin says an iPhone camera is more than sufficient, although editing tools do give a leg up. Finally, as every new creator knows, juggling content creation with school or work is not easy. 

Kulin’s advice? Keep the shoots on the weekend, instead of doing a little every day. The time may be limited, but it improves the quality of the content by leaps and bounds. 

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