We can spout numbers like viewers are 2.4x more likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by brands. But what would be the use? As marketers, you already know UGC – content created by everyday people rather than the brand – is more effective. Customers trust it, which drives purchase decisions. So, we’re going to cut to the chase and talk about how you can utilise UGC in social media campaigns.

Best practises for sharing UGC in social media campaigns

In your social media marketing arsenal, UGC is the most powerful tool. But, and this is a big one, there is a right way and wrong way of using it. Here’s how to share user-generated content to create brand desire and inspire brand loyalty.

  • Ask before you use

An easy way to find user-generated content is using the branded hashtag. Let’s say you find some marvellous content and want to repost it or use it as a social media ad. Before you do so, ask the creator for permission to reshare. Not requesting explicit permission kills brand goodwill, and it annoys brand advocates. 

  • Give credit where credit is due

Permission is step 1. Step 2 is crediting. Tag the creator or customer when reusing content. When tagging is not possible, give credit in the caption. It makes the brand look collaborative and proves that you value creator partnerships. 

When you work with thousands of creators for social campaigns, personally asking each creator for permission and then crediting them in each UGC is tedious. But when brands campaign through DYT, you buy the rights to the content outright. You gain the authority to reuse or repurpose the images, videos, Reels, Stories whenever and wherever you want. 

  • Align the platform and content

A blunder marketers often make is using the wrong UGC on the wrong platform. If it’s a long video, YouTube is the right place to post it. If it’s a carousel of images, Instagram is the platform. 

Additionally, make sure the UGC caters to the right demographic. For instance, if your Facebook handle is mostly used by the 40+ age group, a Reel is not the best UGC. It would be more effective on a platform that has a younger following. 

  • UGC begets UGC

Professional photoshoots for social media posts are expensive. UGC, on the other hand, is free. Plus, they save you time and give you a whole bank of content to utilise. But for that, you need to get your audience involved.

How do you do that? You inspire them to create content through UGC. Next time you share user-generated content on any of the brand socials, include a question. Or create a competition that pushes other brand users to respond with their own image or video. 

This creates a cycle of UGC that you can use to build a content repository. Freeing your team from the constant challenge of creating great-quality content for your social channels. 

Again, using campaigns to build a content bank is not easy. With DYT, you get a ready content library. All the content submitted by creators for a campaign is automatically saved in one location. So, next time you want a great creative for a branded content ad, you already have plenty of relevant material, ready to be published. 

3 extra tips for using UGC in social media campaigns

  • Have a clear ask: when asking creators to submit UGC, be clear about what type of content you want. Explicit dos and don’ts ensure you don’t end up with subpar or unusable content. 
  • Do some social listening: when searching for UGC, expand your horizons beyond tagged content. Look for any brand or product mentions or hashtags beside the branded hashtag.
  • Treat it as customer research: UGC is a potent marketing tool, but it can also give insight into your customers and brand fans. Analyse it to polish your social marketing efforts. 

Before you leave

Keep in mind that all the best practices for using UGC for social campaigns are predicated on the assumption that you have found the right creators

Without the right creator partner, all your efforts will be worthless. Yes, it takes countless hours scanning Instagram and other socials to discover appropriate content creators. That’s why you should automate the process. 

Let DYT discover and connect you to creators that align with your brand vision, values and voice. So, you can sit back and watch amazing user-generated content roll in. 

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