When we talk about creators and how they can earn, the focus is generally on Instagram. While that is all well and good, it is not the only platform where an influencer can money money. Twitter is just as good, especially now that it has released so many features like Spaces, Tip Jar and Newsletters with Revue to help you secure that money bag

How to make money through Twitter?

Twitter may mostly be known as the place to share information and news, but you can’t deny it has a huge earning potential for creators. Whether you’re a food blogger or travel creator, you can use Twitter to get paid for your content. Here’s how.

1. Create an amazing profile with a killer bio

A bio makes all the difference on Twitter. Make it killer. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to add the website, YouTube or Instagram link to it. It’ll help you to gain more followers. 

Next, you need to post content relevant to your niche regularly and interact with people by liking, commenting and retweeting their posts. You can also use multiple relevant hashtags to widen your reach. 

To build more audience on Twitter: 

  • Follow famous profiles related to your niche. 
  • Promote your Twitter account on other social media platforms.
  • Create a “Follow Us on Twitter” pop-up on your website.
  • Attach your Twitter feed to your website.

2. Use sponsored tweets

Now that you have amassed a good following, here’s what you’ve got to do to earn money through Twitter. The obvious method is promoting brands you love or already use through your tweets. However, you can mix it up. Don’t rely on simply text-based tweets. Use short videos, GIFs or ask questions. 

Create Twitter ads

Besides sponsored tweets, you can earn money by creating Twitter ads for brands. They are an excellent way to attract attention, so brands use them in abundance.

3. Generate traffic for your website

Not the usual way to earn money, but bloggers can use Twitter to generate more organic traffic like the photographer Naina does. For this, you need to remain active on Twitter, get to know your followers and post informational and problem-solving content for them. 

4. Utilise the Tip Jar feature

Followers can now tip their favourite creators on Twitter through Tip Jar. Check if the option is available to you. Go to Edit Profile on your Twitter handle and then set up “Payment Options.”

Once set, any Twitter user can tap on the Tip Jar icon on your profile and send some moolah your way! Our advice? Be vocal that you have the feature turned on but don’t be too shameless about it. 

5. Offer Super Follows

Like Tip Jar, Super Follows is another new feature by Twitter to help creators monetize. With this, creators can earn a monthly amount from their Super Followers. In return, these followers get access to your content made especially for them and personal replies. Plus, they get a Super Follower badge. 

6. Set up Spaces

One more feature through which creators can earn is Twitter Spaces. Spaces are Twitter’s take on Clubhouse. The audio-only feature allows creators to hold live events by creating “rooms.” 

To earn, you need to create Ticketed Spaces, which you can do by tapping on “Settings and privacy”, then “Monetization” and finally “Ticketed Spaces.” Fill the application and you’re good to go, as long as you fulfill the basic conditions.  

7. Start a newsletter

Some time back, Twitter acquired a service that allows people to publish newsletters easily. Now the social offers this feature right on your bio. You can link your newsletter on your Twitter bio, making it simpler for followers to subscribe to it. 

The feature is not only an ingenious way to get more paid subscribers but also helps you tap in more email addresses. And those you can utilise for further marketing strategies. 

That’s it, folks! Those were some of the ways you can make money through Twitter. Now go forth and rake in some moolah.