A hard and fast rule that guides today’s content creators is to find a niche.  Identify and focus on verticals in which you can become an expert and authority, ones with which audiences associate you. Finding your niche remains relevant in the ever-expanding content space. However, it does not need to be a limiting path. As a creator, you can explore other topics that interest you and then merge different niches through intentional linking. 

This means your fashion expertise and eye for style can translate into the world of DIY. Your love of photography can be connected to selling props.

Examples of creators who merge different niches and interests into one 

Content creation does not have to be a one-way path that you choose and can never deviate from. We at Do Your Thng put that into practise ourselves every day. Do what you love and if you need tips on how, use these creators as examples.

1. Ankush Bahuguna 

Content Creator & Actor, Ankush Bahuguna, rose to internet fame through his witty videos at Mensxp. He gradually moved towards producing his own comedy sketches and videos, which continued to attract a large audience.

However, even when established as one of the leading comedy content creators online, Ankush strived to explore more of his interests in the community he’d created. 

Wingitwithankush was born as a way of expressing himself and his creativity. On this page, his audience enjoys all that they have come to love about Ankush – his authenticity, personality, high-quality content, and occasional collaborations with fellow influencers. 

Through remaining true to himself and his platform, Ankush has been able to seamlessly add a new facet to his community, paving the way for others to similarly experiment and grow outside their comfort zone. 

2. Shraddha Gurung 

Shraddha is another inspiration for expanding one’s platform to explore more than one topic, merging her passions to create value for her audience.

Known as ‘lilmissgurung’, Shraddha has been a leader in the beauty and lifestyle content space for years. Starting out with beauty videos on Popxo, Shraddha grew a large following that was drawn to not only her skills, but also her refreshing authenticity.

She actively used her platform to break down barriers around beauty ideals and advocate for self-love. This honesty and infusion of her values and personality into content provided the base for her to eventually start using her social media channels to talk about mental health.

Her own experiences fuelled this and motivated her to make sure that conversations about beauty and the self were not disconnected from those about body image, personal struggles, anxiety, and overall mental health. 

Beauty guru turned internet big sister, Shraddha, created a series called ‘We Need To Talk’, where she and other influencers opened up about the reality of their lived experiences and insecurities. 

3. Anupriya Kapur 

Powerhouse Anupriya Kapur has grown an entirely unique online presence through her honesty in sharing life experiences, motivating spirit, and dedication to growth.

Starting out as a mommy blogger, she shared her stories of healing from postpartum depression, with a strong focus on how running and taking care of physical health helped her. She found a source of positive energy through fitness and wanted to share that with others who may need support.

This led to more years of blogging about parenting, health, and wellness. As her community grew, Anupriya’s storytelling also expanded while remaining true to her anchor of positive energy.

She shares uplifting moments from her life, whether they are related to fashion, body positivity, eating well, travelling, or entrepreneurship. She took her platform for channelling hardships into something positive and ran with it.

The result? 

A community where people of all backgrounds find something to connect to. Be it her stories of motherhood, mental health, lifestyle, dancing, fun, or good old fitness, it’s all linked through her honesty and positivity. 

Key takeaways on how creators can merge different niches into one

  • Identify connected topics that you can present yourself as an authority on.  As Shraddha did with mental health. 
  • Remain true to yourself and the platform you have already created.  As Anupriya did by expanding on her mommy blogging storytelling. 
  • Recognize what your audience values and connects with and carry that into your new content verticals.  As Ankush did with his new videos.