If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or watched a healthy dose of BuzzFeed India videos, you likely know Srishti Dixit. A comedian and cat mother, Srishti is known for her hilarious video sketches, pop culture commentary, and refreshingly unique ‘realness.’

It’s no wonder she’s grown from BuzzFeed writer to internet sensation over the past few years! Her creativity, authenticity, and spirit give us all a lot to learn from. So, if like us, you adore srishtipatch, here are the content tips you can take away by decoding Srishti Dixit’s Instagram handle.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

As mentioned, Srishti did not just stumble into internet stardom. She worked as an entertainment writer at BuzzFeed India. She recognised that she had what it took to be involved in the videos they made, and gradually started writing, producing, and acting in them. During this time, she applied those skills to produce some of her own short-form video content for social media, building a brand of her own.

Don’t be afraid to be real 

One of the aspects of Srishti’s personal brand which sets her apart is the rejection of airbrushed, social media perfection. She is open about countering the moments of glamour with reality, and making sure her audience knows that the ‘done up’ moments are just one facet of her online presence.

She does not shy away from showing or talking about everyday, unglamorous moments – even making fun of them and using them to connect with her audience. She’ll even go as far as to confront harmful misconceptions her audience may have, such as this response to people asking about weight loss tips. 

Tap into topical content

Srishti often brings her wit to trending topics, which helps her reach new audience members. When content can find humour or a unique take on what everyone is talking about, it’s more likely to find a life of its own outside of one’s circle. 

Hence, you’ll notice that her sketches that mock certain news coverage  do exceedingly well. It does not just have to be social commentary; even your own unique take on trends can help achieve the same, as seen in  Srishti’s version of the ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ sound!  

Know your audience  

‘Relatability’ on social media can be difficult to capture. It’s not something that can be created artificially (at least not in the long run) and it does not always remain relevant as your audience matures.

Here is where Srishti excels. She understands who her audience is and connects with them not at a superficial level, but through shared experiences. She talks about desi parents, school days, work-life, personal struggles, and relationships through a lens that most millennial and gen-Z users in India know all too well. 

From the breathy little Pintu character, we have all been or seen, to the WFH life moments. She finds humour in the ordinary experiences many of us share! 

Engage, engage, engage!

A look at Srishti’s Reels and Story highlights proves that she is regular in directly talking to her audience. Through the Q&A feature, she starts conversations with followers, learns more about them and shares more about herself. She often even takes inspiration for Reels from questions shared by her followers on stories or DMs. 

 Collaborate with creators

You’ve seen this content tip before in our #DecodingInstaHandles series, and it will likely come up again and again. Collaborating is a valuable way to grow your audience, and the  new Instagram collaboration feature makes it even more seamless. Srishti does this effortlessly with the inimitable Kusha Kapila, through their YouTube show and frequent  BTS sneak peeks. 

P.S: We have a handy guide on how you can reach out to potential collaborators.  

More content tips after decoding Srishti Dixit’s Instagram handle

These tips are not from her Instagram but picked from interviews she’s given over the years. Maintain authenticity by avoiding promoting brands that are not relevant to you. She talked about an experience of turning down a well-paying collaboration because it was not aligned with her personal experiences, so she did not want to falsely advertise the product. 

She also advises fellow content creators to set their own pace and be comfortable with it. This helps to avoid getting bogged down by clutter. She believes creators should not be guided by the need to be seen, but rather create content when they actually have something of value to say and contribute. 

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