How to use DYT? Why haven’t I heard from the brand? When will I get paid? How can I earn more through DYT? These are questions we’re quizzed with more often than a creator clicks a photo. 

So, we finally sat down to answer the top questions DYT users ask us. Psst! We sprinkled a few tips and tricks that you really shouldn’t skip over. 

Can I submit ideas, sample photos or example posts on DYT?

We’re working on concept scripts and expect the feature to go live soon. It will allow you to submit concepts and ideas before you make the actual content. That means less effort spent on content that’s rejected outright. 

But T&C applies. A brand may choose not to accept concept scripts. (The campaign brief will mention if they do.) In case they don’t, you’ll have to send in the actual content. 

Do I need to buy the product or use the service before submitting content?

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. We encourage and cheer brand advocates. What’s that? Content creators who either already use the product or are big fans of it. 

So, yes, we recommend buying a product/service before you submit content. It makes the endorsement genuine, and that shines in your content, bringing in unbelievable engagement (believe us!).

Special mention: Some campaigns will explicitly ask you to purchase the product. So read the brief carefully. 

Can I send more than one image or video for the same campaign?

We’re glad you asked. Yes, you can!

DYT allows four images or videos per campaign, and we urge you to use them. Why? It increases your approval chance and decreases the back and forth on edits. 

Extra tips: Forget about the captions. The brand can get those edited at the final stage. Focus on angles, lights, product close-ups, locations and backdrops. Send in variations of them.

Is there a limit to the number of campaigns I can submit for?

Why no, no there isn’t. 

You want to participate in just one brand collaboration? Go ahead and do that. You want to participate in all of them? You’re free to do that too. We don’t put boundaries on your creativity. 

I’ve submitted the content. When will I hear from the brand?

The hardest part of content creation is the wait. You use the product, ideate, shoot, filter, edit, caption and then submit. Now you have to wait for the brand to approve it. 

We get it.

Our advice? Be patient.

Most brands are flooded with content pieces, and they have to review each one of them. It takes time.

For most campaigns, you’ll get a reply in 1 to 2 days. In a few cases (when the applicants are as big as your #FollowerNumberGoals), it can take longer. 

You can always drop a line at with the campaign details if you don’t hear back.

My content got rejected. Can I ask the brand for feedback?

Rejection sucks, but don’t take it personally.

There are sundry reasons a brand may choose not to use your piece. Most often, it is because your profile doesn’t align with them. (Don’t worry, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.)

Chances are, the brand will give you a reason why they did not approve your content. If they don’t keep in mind there is a human behind the brand screen, and they simply don’t have enough time to write feedback for the thousands of DYT users.

A trick: Read the campaign brief like a hawk. A common reason for content rejection is failing to meet the brand requirements. 

My content was not approved for a campaign. Should I try again?

When content is not approved, your mind is a merry-go-round of “was the caption not catchy or did I quote too much on custom content?” 

We say to put those thoughts away and give the campaign one more try if you really love the brand. 

Extra tips: Put the campaign dos and don’ts under the microscope, switch up the content idea, add props, remove props and then give the campaign another crack. 

My content is live; where’s my money at?

Really, is it a surprise that every (really every) creator asks us this? Peeps, the answer is simple. Once you publish the content, a brand can take anywhere from 14 to 60 days. And some campaigns have even a bigger timeline. 

2 months or more, you say?! 

Well, if it was up to us, you’d hear that ka-chĭng the very next day. But it is not. Payments are the brand’s responsibility. 

Special mention: We’re trying to make the process more transparent for you. We’ll soon be adding a payment timeline on the app where you can actually see the number of days left for those pesos to hit your wallet. If they don’t, get in touch with support, and we’ll get that moolah for you!

How is the DYT Score calculated?

Every user gets a DYT score between 49 and 990. For each of your social media accounts, you get a different score. It’s calculated every day, using a number of factors like:

  • How often do you post? 
  • The growth of your audience.
  • What is your engagement rate?
  • How good is the quality of your content?
  • The number of followers you have (real, not bots).

How can I increase my DYT score?

Your DYT score is not just your follower number. That’s why you can easily increase your score (and, therefore, earn more) by being a better creator. Things that help you earn more are:

  • Being more active online.
  • Posting quality content.
  • Getting more retweets, shares, comments and saves.
  • Interacting more with followers.

Last few tips to follow when submitting content to DYT

  • Have nimble fingers. Some brands receive Everest-size content. The faster you send in yours, the better it is. 
  • Always keep your content original, high quality and innovative. 
  • Dive into the brand’s social. Get a feel of the content they love to post and then make something on those lines. 
  • Bank on your camera roll. As a creator, you likely have tons of unused drafts. Revamp, customize and send it. 

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