Scrolling through Instagram is a part of daily life for most of us, and if it’s not your #thng, “Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy(?).”

For the rest of us, let’s hop in. With 96.6k followers at the time of writing this article, let’s respectfully get to decoding Ritvi’s Instagram handle: the desi content creator with a dash of amrican.

Decoding Ritvi’s Instagram Handle

Decoding Ritvi’s Instagram handle: Live the main character life

Ritvi’s Instagram bio calls her a content creator and an artist, which opens the field wide on what type of content she provides. But going through a few of her last posts gives you an idea of what to expect. 

Set your niche

From fashion content to ‘a slice of life’ content, the effort, time, and energy she puts in to keep up with the trends is quite obvious.

Many content creators and gurus advise rookies to find their niche, but sometimes the niche you select might not have content that’ll always create a buzz. Ritvi’s feed gives you an idea of what to do at times such as these. 

She didn’t make a shift; she adapted and created inclusivity. She started out giving fashion tips, but there is only so much you could do by wearing different clothes, so she expanded to flaunt her fashion by hopping on the trends. 


She made it entertaining for another spectrum of audiences. A few may have started following her for fashion tips, but more joined in to see her creating and recreating trends with her unique style statement.

Sharing the secrets

It’s no secret that every successful creator has their secret weapons for content creation, but only a few share it with others, even less with their audience. 

Ritvi does not seem to have such worries. She may keep some tricks close to her heart, but she is also quite open about the editing applications, tools and filters that she uses. Even to put out videos exclusively explaining the ‘how to-dos’.

This kind of move gains respect, which sometimes turns into followers and engagement.

A thread of connection

This is a popular move but a double-edged sword depending on how the content creator uses the tricks. A content creators’ audience likes to have a thread of connection with the creator. The perfect way to do that is by letting them peek into your life behind the camera.

Ritvi constantly shares bloopers of her content and her life when travelling and not actively creating content. It doesn’t just help her get engagement, but also to post regularly. And there are few things more important for a content creator than posting regularly. 

Create a theme

How many content creators do you know who painstakingly create trailers for their content? Well, Ritvi is one of them. 

Her content usually carries a theme of romanticism and on-screen air, which gives her the main character energy (hence the title). So, it is only fair that she posts amazing trailers for them as well. And let me tell you, her trailers do deliver. 

Want more content tips from Ritvi? Check out her Instagram. You’ll assuredly get a lot of inspiration. 

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